Tracking Your Weight Loss Process Using Online Application


A lot of energy is required to execute our daily activities at work and in our homes. We need the right amount of energy to keep fit for all these chores.

Furthermore, the calculation of the value of your energy consumption is dependent on your BMR – that is, basal metabolic rate. This is known as the least energy needed to keep all your body active even if you were to sit all day.

Daily usage of the online app, TDEE calculator, is essential and profitable to tracking your weight loss process. It helps you to determine the rate of fat you burn daily and make you have a better idea about what food to eat. The calculation you get from the TDEE calculator will track your eating habits as not to overeat or undereat.

To make a calculation, multiply the rate of your physical activities by your basal metabolic rate. Everyone has their BMR value, and it can be calculated based on many factors and gender. Here is a calculated factor for different stages of physical activities:

  • An individual with little or no exercise: 1.2
  • An individual with light training (1 – 3 days a week): 1.375
  • An individual with average training (3 – 5 days a week): 1.55
  • An individual with tough exercise (6 – 7 days a week): 1.725
  • An individual with rigorous exercise (training twice a day): 1.9

So the calculation for the individual that performs exercise averagely is 1.55 multiplied by BMR. with the result of this calculation, you can determine the number of calories to drop and the ones to add to gain your desired weight. If you are in a quest to lose weight, you need to deduct over 200 to 300 calories from the result of this calculation.

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How to calculate your calorie intake with the TDEE Calculator

Using TDEE is a way of calculating your weight loss journey. The calories your body consumes in one day. On the off chance that you know this parameter, you will have the option to plan your weight loss program all the more successfully. We are demonstrating how to think of your TDEE.

TDEE can be utilized to calculate calorie intake for various purposes easily. You can use it if you want to get in shape or maintain your weight. Although the calculation is easy, it doesn’t contain different parameters, for example, your daily activity level and your age.

To utilize TDEE, you should discover your lean body mass first. A portion of the scales gives you this number when you gauge yourself. You can also utilize the small gear structured distinctly to measure your body fat. You can hold the instrument with your two hands, and you will see the result.

For instance, if your body fat is 20%, then you need to remove the body fat to calculate your lean body mass (LBM). Assuming your body weight is 180 pounds, the body fat will be 20% of the weight around 36 pounds.

Now, your lean body mass calculation will be equal to the total body weight minus body fats. The end result is the accurate lean body mass.

You can now use input this in your calculation

Weight gain equals 18 to 19 calories per lb. of your LBM.

Maintenance using (TDEE) equals 15 to 16 calories per lb. of your LBM.

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Fat loss equals 12 to 13 calories per lb. of your LBM.

If you desire to gain weight, then you can get the TDEE like this:

13 calories times 144 pounds will result in 1872 calories. This is the number of calories that are required for your daily intake. Note that to calculate the calorie is not the most important thing – the vital thing is to make good use of it.