What Are The Best Types of Toilet Plunger


Clogged toilets and drains are a major problem in today’s households. Many people resort to professional plumbers to fix the issue. Good plumbers do not come cheap! People do not realize that most clogged drains and toilets can be fixed by using an appropriate plunger. 

It is very easy to learn how to clear clogs using a plumber. All you need to do is choose the correct plunger for the job. Here is a list of three different plungers and their uses-

Common Sink Plunger – Flat Plunger

These plungers are very common. Most people will be familiar with them. They have a rubber cup affixed to the end of a straight handle. They come in handy to unclog sinks and bathroom drains. They can also be used to unclog bathtubs.

These plungers work by creating a vacuum to pull out or push debris to unclog the drain.

The Accordion Plunger

These plungers are great for unclogging toilets. Unlike the sink plunger, this is made of molded plastic. It has several flexible accordion-style ridges with a small cup at the bottom. This plunger must be completely submerged in water to be effective. 

The ridged area holds air and when pushed, the air rushes out to unclog. Though this plunger is a little challenging to use, it is the best toilet plunger. Once you start to use it, you will get a feel for using it effectively. It will become your first choice for unclogging your toilet.

The Toilet Flange Plunger 

The toilet flange plunger is considered the best all-round plunger. It has a rubber cup that fits nicely into the toilet and can cause a good suction to unclog them. This plunger also comes in handy to unclog any sink or drain. The rubber cup is flexible enough to fit over most drains.

Tips to use your plunger effectively

To ensure that your plunger does a great job, keep it straight and vertical. Tilting the plunger will make it ineffective. Also, ensure you get all the air out of the plunger cup. Submerge the plumber fully in water. This will help in effective suction to unclog drains. Add water if not enough to submerge the plunger. In this era of Technology, it is wise to use good tips for anything.

These plungers are not very expensive and they make an invaluable addition to all modern households. Once you learn to use them effectively (not very difficult), you can easily sort out all your clogging issues. You need not hire costly professional help.


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