VHS Player and Modern Days

VHS Player and Modern Days

When was the last time you saw a VHS player? Unless you work with vintage TVs or know someone with a particularly old entertainment system, it is probably hard to remember. Today’s world of audio files has left videotape far, far behind. 

But that creates a problem because many VHS libraries do still exist. Some people may have VHS movie collections that they are particularly proud of. Others may have inherited important family recordings in the form of VHS and are not quite sure how to deal with them. Here is why now is the time to consider converting old films from videotape to DVD.

VHS is Far from Permanent

While it may be a physical media, VHS is not actually durable. Even small tears in videotape can cause serious playback issues, and the tape can grow more brittle over time – especially when stored in an unprotected environment. Very hot temperatures can ruin videotape, while moist conditions can encourage mildew growth that will also cause serious problems. And if a fire does happen, it can quickly destroy all nearby tapes. 

That means as time goes on, the chances of preserving important video in VHS and other tape formats decrease, and risks grow. If you are interested in preserving specific footage – such as family events – then it is a great idea to convert to DVD now rather than wait and increase the odds of losing that video forever. 

The Ability to Play VHS Is not Really Accessible Anymore

As we mentioned, VHS players are hard to find these days outside of very special cases. Other, less common video tape formats are even harder to find. That is an issue if you want to, well, watch a video! If you want to keep the ability to pull out a title and view it whenever you want, it is in your best interest to move your collection to DVD, where it can be safe. 

DVD is a Much More Versatile Medium 

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When your film is saved as a DVD, it is far more useful than being locked in a tape format. With a DVD, you can easily make a copy to share with a friend and download files from the DVD so that you have digital versions as well!

Space Savings Are Nothing to Sneer At

VHS and similar video tape can take up a lot of space. Even a modest collect tends to require a full cabinet to deal with, and tapes in storage can often take up lots of boxes and claim plenty of attic or basement space all for themselves. DVDs, meanwhile, can store all that video in just a few discs that are easy to keep in a drawer or wherever you want them. In small homes or apartments, that’s important space that can be spared for other purposes after conversion if you do not mind getting rid of the old VHS tapes. And that brings us to our next point…

Conversion Allows You to Sell Old VHS Tapes

Unless you are an avid collector (and there is nothing wrong with that), you probably do not have a problem with converting and getting rid of your old VHS tapes entirely. But there is no reason to throw them away! Instead, use them to make a little cash.

There absolutely are collectors on eBay, Craigslist, and similar sites who are looking for VHS tapes based on their novelty and value as collectibles. If you have got tapes of old movies and shows, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to make a little bit of money by selling them – the more esoteric the titles, the better your chances! To save time, consider selling them in bulk at a set price and see who is interested.

How to Transfer Film to DVD at Home

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Transfer tapes to DVD is possible as home, but if you want a DIY setup then you will have to pay for it. Something like a Wolverine Data Film2Digital MovieMaker will cost several hundred dollars, and require an extra step of downloading to a computer and burning a disc. 

Trust a Professional Transfer Service

These days, it is not common to have the technology to convert video tape just laying around the house, and buying can be too expensive, so personal conversion is not possible. Fortunately, there are other time-saving options, especially for those with larger or particularly important VHS collections. ARS Video Inc. specializes in film reel to DVD transfer and other rare formats into DVD or any modern digital format that you have in mind