Ways to Leverage Social Media Network for Job Seekers

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Job seekers invest a hefty amount of time working on their curriculum vitae and traveling from one interview place to another as a walk-in applicant. While the old tricks still work, they are no longer preferable now that there are easier ways to find a gig without the hardships you’ll experience from outdated job-hunting tactics.

Social media platforms are more than just an entertainment tool, as opposed to how youngsters mainly use them at this time. Through time, social media serves a different and bigger purpose now. Apart from getting news, watching how-to videos, and learning, many have used social media to grow their professional network and land a job.

Here are some new tricks to leverage the best social media networks for a more effective and fast-paced job search. 

Creating A LinkedIn Profile

As the most professional and business-oriented social network on the internet, it’s a must for everyone to maintain a decent and updated LinkedIn profile. Make sure to include all the crucial information about your career history, including your achievements, strengths, and description of the previous role you took. It’s like a resume published online, but with more significant opportunities to sell yourself to hiring managers.

LinkedIn allows you to communicate with recruiters or hiring managers through your headline. By crafting an impactful headline, you can let everyone know what to expect upon hiring you. Leaving an attractive digital footprint through this platform is all worth the time spent.

Growing Your Connections

However, landing a job through LinkedIn is more than just setting up a decent-looking profile. You would need to grow your connections and meet more people, particularly in your industry, for a higher chance of getting searched by HR staff who are actively seeking to recruit.

With your LinkedIn profile ready and with enough connection, start browsing for available jobs and send applications. Promptly accept invitations from hiring managers and respond to their messages if they attempted to reach out. 

Finding Jobs In Facebook

With Facebook trying to keep people from using other social apps than itself, the social media giant cleverly comes up with an alternative. From competing with Twitch and YouTube in getting a good chunk of gamer views and ads, they are slowly turning the platform into a job seeker-friendly environment.

Finding a job on Facebook is entirely different to the old method of joining job search groups in your area or industry. Through this page, FB allows everyone to see open job posts and filter it by type and category. While it does not appear to be fully-developed as other programs, expect that Facebook would attend and make updates to it soon.

Building Social Proof

There are several ways to find a gig on Facebook. Apart from using Jobs on Facebook, as mentioned, you may also create a page where you can highlight your expertise and your services. Artists, writers, developers, photographers, and other professionals do it, so jobs and clients come to find them, instead of actively searching. 

If you’re using a personal profile, separate your professional contacts from friends and family. In this way, you can target your timeline updates, only allowing a select contact group to see your post. Those you didn’t target won’t see your updates in their newsfeeds.

Build social proof to leverage your profile by sharing accomplishments, sample work, and a few good things about you to make your profile seem real to spectators. When your profile is ready, you may actively connect and engage in posts to give helpful comments and to increase your online presence.


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