What Are the Benefits Brought by a HIPAA Compliant Chat


What is a HIPAA Compliant Chat?

A HIPAA compliant chat is a live chat that your clinic’s staff can use and is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). You can find all the information about HIPAA here. This type of chat makes sure that all the information and data about the patients is strongly secured without the risk of disclosing them to non-agreed parties. Moreover, it is just one of the multitudes of features offered by Medical CRM that will help you grow and improve your clinic. It also includes other features like free medical forms and patient marketing tools.

The more your medical clinic grows, the harder it will be to manage. For this reason, it is very important that you take the required measures to prevent problems from appearing. Using tools like those offered by our CRM will not only prevent these problems but it will make it easier than before to manage your clinic. This includes the communication between your staff, the communication with your clinic’s patients, the payment processing, the marketing methods, and many more parts of your business.

What Are the 4 Biggest Benefits Offered By the Live Chat?

Depending on the specialization of your medical clinic the HIPAA compliant chat could be used in a big variety of ways and it can bring many benefits to your business. But there are 4 important benefits that any medical clinic will be able to obtain from it and they are:

  • Smooth communication. This benefit is especially visible and important in the periods when the clinic is very busy with a large number of patients. The ability of your staff to see each other and communicate face to face is very limited is such periods. So, an internal live chat will offer smooth communication to your staff, making the process of helping patients much easier.
  • Better services. Due to the possibility to share information between your staff, your patients will feel like they are taken care of much better than in other clinics. And this is absolutely true. Having all the necessary information about a patient will help your staff to offer much better care. Thus, increasing the quality of the services that your clinic offers.
  • Increasing efficiency. By reducing the time needed for your staff to pass documents, photos, and other important pieces of information about the patients, the efficiency of your staff will increase. This happens because the time used to accomplish these repetitive tasks can be reduced to a minimum by sharing them through the live chat.
  • Bigger profits. Again, this benefit can be seen more clearly in busy periods when the number of clients is larger than normal. Due to the increase in efficiency, the number of patients that can the treated in a certain period will rise significantly. This will obviously increase the revenue and the profit of your medical clinic.

Keep in mind that these benefits are only the ones offered by the live chat. Your clinic can obtain even more benefits while amplifying those presented above by using Medical CRM. For example, by using free medical forms you can increase the efficiency of your medical clinic even more.

The Importance of Free Medical Forms!

The free medical forms do not come alone. They come as a part of a fully branded portal that you patients can use from home. They offer your patients the opportunity to interact with your medical clinic at any time, including outside business hours. This ability will massively reduce the time used by your staff to speak on the phone and schedule appointments.

Your patients can schedule appointments themselves by using the forms on the portal. You do not need to worry, because they will be able to do so only between the free periods. In this way, no problems will appear in your staff’s schedule. Moreover, your patients can use the forms to offer as much information as possible about their condition. This will help the doctors of your clinic save time by already obtaining a lot of information through these forms.

As you can imagine, the benefits offered by these forms are immense and they offer the ability to discover your patients’ problems much faster. In certain situations, crises could be avoided through the information obtained from these forms. And that will massively increase the reputation of your medical clinic.

Do not forget about the rest of the benefits offered by other features of the portal. It can be used to skyrocket the quality of your customer care. You could only offer a lot of important information to your patients and use Q&A to answer the most encountered problems, or you could create a direct means of communication between your staff and your patients through help desk tickets or messages.

Why Should You Consider Medical CRM?

Well, the benefits offered by Medical CRM do not stop at those offered by the HIPAA compliant chat and the patients’ portal. Your clinic’s staff will be able to use a lot more features that will offer a lot more benefits to your business. For example, you can prevent any payment problems through our payment processing tools. This will ensure smooth cash flow for your business.

Above we mentioned the marketing tools offered by our CRM. The tools can not only be used to obtain new clients, but they can also be used to obtain the loyalty of your current clients. For example, you can use emails or messages to remember your patients about their appointments, thus showcasing the care that your clinic has for their health.

As for the schedule calendars, Medical CRM offers the possibility to integrate them. This will not only make sure that your front staff won’t make any appointment mistakes and your patient will safely use the free medical forms but also that your clinic’s doctors always know what patients they will encounter. So, they will be prepared ahead of time and will not lose time to find the required information.

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