What Are the Reasons of Shipment Delay of Your Tempered Glass Screen Protector Consignment


Demand for high-quality tempered glass screen protectors is increasing with every passing day. People are buying the latest models of Smartphone handsets with different screen sizes and specs that need complete protection. The only tempered glass screen protector can give Smartphone handsets that kind of protection. You know all these things very well which is why you import tempered glass screen protectors from China. Chinese wholesale market and suppliers provide an excellent rate for their products. But there is a cause that concerns you most – Delayed delivery of shipment. There are reasons which are not in our control but to wait for it to over.

In this article, we have listed the reasons that are causing delays to your consignments so that you can have a fair amount of ideas about what can go wrong.

  1. Your supplier bites more than he can chew, means, he takes too many orders with a short deadline and your one is falling behind as per the importance.
  2. A shortage of expertise and labors can be another reason where your supplier does not have enough manpower to pull of all the orders within the given deadline. So, your order is getting late.
  3. Insufficient cash to buy the raw materials can be the cause if your supplier is managing a small unit. Small manufacturers don’t always have enough money to run the business. On the other hand, big production houses often outsource small quantity orders to small units who as we have just said not always able to manage their cash flow.
  4. A sudden rise in the prices of raw materials can slow down the process as the manufacturers wait until the price takes a lower path. Unless the price gets lower production takes a hit as suppliers won’t see the profit.
  5. You are not directly dealing with the manufacturer but a trading agency which will slow down the entire process. This is, of course, a problem that you must solve during the selection of your tempered glass screen protector supplier.
  6. Mould of the product is damaged or some machines are not working properly such as Oleophobic coating or adhesive layering machine
  7. Some tempered glass screen protector manufacturers are stays far away from the main city, where power supply is down for days.
  8. Natural disaster strikes to the city or the place where your supplier stays. This can happen at any time of the year and no one can control it.
  9. In general, Chinese Government officials are very strict and they regularly visit various manufacturing units of different industries to check various issues such as safety, fire control measurement and other technical kinds of stuff.
  10. The person in charge of the communication either does not have proficiency in English or he or she lacks the knowledge of the product and the entire communication process. Generally, everything is getting delayed due to late understating.
  11. The supplier receives bad quality raw materials and he or she is honest enough not to make your tempered glass screen protector with this inferior quality.
  12. Customs too can be a cause of delay as sometimes customs officials do the random check and put products for special screening and checking. The paperwork too sometimes causes the delay.

    We hope this article helps you with valuable information on the causes of delay in the delivery of your shipment.