What Cloud Based Integrations Can Do For Your Dispensiary

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Do you remember years ago when no one knew what “the cloud” was and every major IT company was promising that it was the wave of the future? Well, that future is here today, and as a result, millions of small businesses and large corporations across the United States rely on software as a service (SaaS) to maintain effective enterprise application infrastructures.

Even though there are countless pros to having a robust repertoire of SaaS platforms, it can be difficult to get the best out of each software program without a high-quality integrated platform. Cloud-based integrations platforms make it easy to operate multiple SaaS apps from one platform while also helping with the integration of both cloud applications and premise applications. Continue reading to learn how an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) system can help your dispensary go to the next level.

What are cloud-based integrations or iPaaS apps?

If you use an array of SaaS apps, you know how difficult it can be to get different SaaS applications to communicate and share information with each other. The kicker is that if you can’t get your programs to work together, they’re all but useless to you. That’s why iPaaS programs are gaining in popularity as quickly as the top portable vaporizers.

If you’re a heavy user of dry herbs, the chances are that you have a large vaporizer for use at home as well as a portable vaporizer for when you’re away from home. Let’s say you’re about to leave home for the day and you want to bring some herbs along with you, well, if you wanted to be conservative with your herbs, you could simply transfer some of the herbs in your large vaporizer to your portable one and be ready for the road.

The application process is similar to that except for the fact that it’s data and specific application functions that you would be transferring or integrating. However, if you’re not an IT specialist, the application integration process is arduous and painstaking.

iPaaS systems aid in application integration, and they even allow you to use multiple apps side-by-side or integrate particulate functions and data sets and centralize them into an integrated platform. In a nutshell, iPaaS is a software as a service (SaaS).

How can iPaaS solutions help your dispensary?

It doesn’t do your company much good to have a robust enterprise application infrastructure if you don’t have an ecosystem that can support the flow of data between different SaaS apps and premise applications. Furthermore, learning application integration best practices could require you to have to get an IT specialist’s understanding of cloud services.

For business owners who have no interest in information technology and beginners in IT, using iPaaS applications makes it easier than ever to share data, functions, input workflows, and integrate legacy systems and new applications. For instance, you can use iPaaS applications to integrate your supply chain management, project management, and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Could you imagine the insights you could get from an integrated platform that boasts CRM, supply chain management, and project management SaaS programs? For instance, your CRM software would give you valuable insights into which strains of dry herbs are the most popular and which portable vaporizers they like best. You could use that data in your supply chain management SaaS program to find the best prices on the most in-demand vapes, oils, vaporizers, and dry herbs on the market. The right iPaaS application can help you get valuable insights in real-time so you can really turn the heat up on your competition.

Why should you invest in iPaaS solutions?

If you’re not an IT specialist and you don’t have the budget to hire one, you have every reason in the world to invest in a potent iPaaS system. Cloud services are only going to become more popular, meaning the need for iPaaS and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) will only continue to grow.

The great thing about iPaaS and IaaS applications is that they offer scalability so your infrastructure can grow with your business. Furthermore, their automation processes leave you free to concentrate on more essential business processes like finding new favorite flavors, getting great deals on durable vaporizers, and providing excellent customer service.

Your time should be spent on vapes, herbs, and how to provide the best vape experience for your customers. Leave the application and data integration in the capable grip of your iPaaS ecosystem.

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