What does AI mean for Education in 2020?


Artificial intelligence is heard all over the world. A huge community gathered around it, creating an amazing level of hype that makes more and more people believe in this technology. And the percentage of disappointment in this area is minimal. Programs that have implemented artificial intelligence and neural networks are quickly becoming extremely popular! But this technology is applicable not only in entertainment applications. Artificial intelligence in schools is also of high demand. 

Automatic Assessment of Students Knowledge

Artificial intelligence helps to evaluate acquired knowledge in accordance with individual amendments. The program is able to draw up personalized learning plans that will help to reduce student mistakes to a minimum.

Means to Refresh Knowledge in Memory

As practice shows, over time, it is common for people to forget part of the material they learned. Therefore, preparing for the future of artificial intelligence it can be possible to use applications that help refresh the recently learned information in memory. For example, a smart assistant reminds a student of recently studied material with a certain periodicity, which means that knowledge remains in memory for more time.

Teacher Feedback

The assessment of the competence of teachers has a long history. But today, with the help of artificial intelligence, it is possible to improve this system, especially the quality of such feedback. With the help of chat bots, it is very easy to collect feedback quickly, and analytics is carried out automatically. In addition, it is possible to set a special filter to avoid obscene expressions that could have unpleasant consequences.

Virtual Assistants

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Teachers can now have a virtual assistant. This is a bot with the IBM-AI system. Of course, in 2020 it will not be able to replace the teacher completely, but who knows what will happen later! After all, a virtual assistant can be very useful! Teachers won’t spend lots of time preparing classes and surfing the Internet when they need to get ready for this or that topic.

Individual Learning

A great idea to personalize the learning process depending on the needs, abilities, and character of students. So, with the help of artificial intelligence in education, the educational process adapts to one student and his interests. In addition, artificial intelligence fully adapts to the level of productivity of the learning process.

Adaptive Learning

It seems that in 2020, AI can be applied for adaptive learning. That is, the unique application will independently analyze the materials that are offered to students and notify teachers if a particular topic is difficult for one of them.

Student Honesty Tracking

Distance learning should also not be overlooked, as it is a popular educational method today. Thus, the program helps the teacher and examiner to make sure that the student did not cheat and complete all the tasks independently.

Data Collection and Choice of Materials

We are looking for the perfect cafe, video, and music. This technology may appear in education. For example, artificial intelligence may select user-generated content of interest.

To summarize, it is worth noting that Artificial Intelligence is a technology that cannot go around the field of education. Even today speedy paper review proves that students and their school teachers are highly interested in this technology. At the moment, it has already firmly adapted to our daily lives and continues to develop tirelessly. Let’s see what lies ahead. Definitely, it’s worth noting that this technology can positively affect the system of education as a whole, optimize it from all sides. But that is another story!