What goes into a User Story vs. Use Case for Agile development?


Client stories aren’t use cases. Without anyone else, client stories don’t give the subtleties the group needs to accomplish their work. The Scrum procedure empowers this detail to rise naturally (to a great extent), evacuating the need to compose use cases. Discover how 

How To Differentiate Between User Case or User Story?

When running our workshops, I’m as often as possible asked: “So – are client stories equivalent to utilize cases?”.

My standard answer is that client stories are fixated on the outcome and the advantage of the thing you’re portraying, though use cases are progressively granular, and depict how your framework will act. And afterward, I state “Simply hold on for me – it will all be clear in soon”. Yet, I thought the time had come to delve further down into this. 

Explanation of use cases and user stories

What are User Stories?

A client story is something that your client will do when they go to your site or utilize your application/programming, concentrated on the worth or result from they get from doing this thing. They are composed from the perspective of an individual utilizing your site or application and written in the language that your clients would utilize. 

What are the Use cases?

A utilization case is a portrayal of a lot of collaborations between a framework and at least one entertainer (where ‘on-screen character’ can be individuals or different frameworks: for instance, both online customers and PayPal can be on-screen characters). They are typically made as archives, and by and large incorporate this sort of data: Also, that is normally the moment that somebody in the workshop poses that inquiry. 

Yet, it turns out to be clear as we travel through the workshop that client stories are only the beginning of a procedure of understanding what the group is making. Before the finish of this procedure, you’ve secured off everything a utilization case would have let you know, yet in a natural way. 

The similarity of User Stories and Use Cases

  • User Stories contain, with client job, objective and acknowledgment criteria.
  • Use Cases contain proportionate components: an entertainer, stream of occasions and postconditions separately (a nitty gritty Use Case format may contain a lot progressively different components).
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The difference between User Stories and Use Cases 

  • The explanation of a User Story may not be archived to a similar extraordinary as a Use Case.
  • User Stories purposely forget about a ton of significant subtleties. Client Stories are intended to evoke discussions by posing inquiries during scrum gatherings.
  • Little augmentations for getting input all the more as often as possible, as opposed to having progressively nitty gritty in advance prerequisite detail as being used Cases.

Clarifying user stories without use cases

Client stories aren’t simply single sentence undertakings like User Stories Versus Use Cases. The item proprietor likewise composes acknowledgment criteria, which characterize the limits of a client story, and are utilized to affirm when a story is finished and filling in as proposed. For instance, if this is your client story: As a gathering participant, I need to have the option to enroll on the web, so I can enlist rapidly and cut down on administrative work, the acknowledgment criteria could include: 


There are exemptions, obviously – and there are times when the forthright research required for use cases is significant (I have a blog entry blending on this). Yet, my recommendation would be: don’t begin composing use cases until your group explicitly requests them. What’s more, if your group asks for them, invest some energy in a review diving into what they’re not getting from your present procedures (for instance – are the acknowledgment criteria muddled; is the item proprietor inaccessible; are you working with crappy documentation for another framework). At that point choose as a group how to fix the root issue


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