Why do you require a country-specific domain name ?


Are you confused about what should be the domain name of your website? Location-based domains are a good option if you have a local business. But what does it mean and why should it be used? What are the key benefits of using a country domain? Does the domain name affect the website development in the long run? If you are having such queries in your mind, then we are here to answer you and help you choose an appropriate domain name for your website.

Domain names vary on the basis of countries. The last two words of the website URL represent the country domain. Such as .ca is for Canada, .pk is for Pakistan, .cn is for China. However, you can find many more country domain names. In simpler words, we can say that the country-specific domains are specified for that area. You should use the domain name of that country whose citizens are your website’s target audience. This will develop traffic on your website.

If you are working for the Pakistani business, then you should use .pk domain name. Because this will drive the Pakistani audience as well as enhance website traffic. Moreover, in the same case, if you are using a Canadian domain, the audience will not be able to reach your site, resulting in traffic loss. In addition, country-based domain names will help you in different ways. Let’s discuss a few to elaborate on the situation.

SEO benefits

It will not be wrong to say that the country-specific domains help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If a person is searching content or product from the area whose domain you are using. Then this will pop up your website on the top of Google ranking. Therefore, if you are operating an area-specific business then it is highly recommended to use specific domain names. So that you can target your audience and develop your business.

Connect with Customers

The country-specific domain names will enable your customers to contact you more easily. They can access your office location or at least make a call easily. This develops trust and confidence in the audience. Therefore, area-specific domains can help you develop customer links. On the other hand, international customers might hesitate to purchase from a different locality company. Communication in the native language, transaction in local currency and visiting the local market is always preferred by the customer.

Identify the Audience

First of all, find where your target audience and customers live. Then use the domain name of that particular area. This will be convenient for you as well as your customers. You can find their location easily as if you display or deliver the products. Moreover, they can also shop well and feel easy to share the geographical location. The customers do shop confidently with the local markets.

Enhance your Potential

You can avail the benefits of the country-specific domains. However, you can also register for a traditional extension. The domain names such as .com, .net are traditional domain names. This domain will help you when you are developing your business on national as well as international countries. Therefore, if such a situation arises, don’t rely upon one domain. Just register for another traditional domain. This will be an extra investment but this will give a huge advantage to your developing business.


The country-specific domain names such as .pk are not much costly as compared to the other traditional domains. Therefore, if your target is Pakistani people, you should prefer to buy domain name specific to Pakistan. This will attract your audience as many of the Pakistani companies are doing nowadays such as,, and many more.

Language Benefits

It is always difficult to survive where other companies are using a similar domain name. So rather than moving to traditional domain names. Always prefer to choose a domain name of the specific country. The chances of competence will also be less. Moreover, you can also target your audience using the native language. While in traditional domains you can’t do that. Google will also rank your site depending upon the local language keywords.

Local Hosting

Registering with a local web hosting and domain name gives you the benefit to rank easily in Google. This can be done without any additional cost. However, it might be difficult for competing with the internal domains. You may also need to add extra costs for having multiple domains.

Search Engine Algorithms

Google, as well as other search engine algorithms, change with the passage of time. In that case, if you are using a traditional domain, your site ranking might be disturbed. While local domains do not suffer much because they are working for a specific area with a specific audience and low competition.