Why to Hire ReactJS Developers or Angular Developers?

Top-notch mobile app development shifts in 2020
Top-notch mobile app development shifts in 2020

There are various front-end development frameworks, however, among these, two frameworks including Angular and React have gained popularity. These frameworks are also among the top 15 JS frameworks 2019. Both the frameworks are different, however, there are some points that separate Angular and React from each other. Companies are also focusing to hire ReactJS developers and Angular developers to successfully develop various digitally advanced products.  

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library by Facebook to develop dynamic user interfaces. ReactJS is based on Javascript and JSX which is a PHP extension. It is also being considered on a large scale for developing HTML elements that are reusable for front-end development. On the other hand, Angular is the open source framework which is powered by Google. Angular is the part of the mean stack and it is compatible with code editors and is highly recommended for the development of web pages and websites.  

The most stable version of Angular is Angular 7, however, Google still supports the primary version that is AngularJS. Meanwhile, both the front-end development frameworks support various brands such as Whatsapp, Airbnb, Netflix, Uber, Instagram, Facebook, and Dropbox are developed using React. While, Google, HBO, Sony, Upwork, General Motors, Nike, and Forbes use Angular. More such companies hire ReactJS developers and Angular developers to develop apps that are both user-friendly and enhance user experience. 

Below are some of the benefits of both the framework for mobile app development companies. 

Benefits of React Javascript Library 

Enhances User Experience

React uses Virtual DOM which is the abstract form of Real DOM to make it easy for React application developers to update any changes performed by the user in an application without impacting other parts in the interface. This can lead to the development of a dynamic user interface with enhanced user experience. 

Saves Time

With React, the mobile app development company and app developers can reuse the code components at various levels at any given point of time. Apart from this the components are isolated and any change taking place in one component cannot affect another component, thereby making it easy to manage updates. This leads to time-saving, making React applications easy to develop and efficient for companies that hire ReactJS developers

Accelerates App Development Process

React allows app developers to reuse the existing code and also apply hot reloading in the process of application development. This approach helps in improving application performance and also accelerates the mobile app development process. 

Supports Testing

React uses a Redux that can eliminate the need to store and manage component states in the complex and large-sized app with various dynamic elements. It also helps the developers to add app state in a single object and also empower each and every component of the application to get access to app state without using callbacks or child components. This simplifies the process of testing applications and also log changes in data, along with the use of hot reload and other similar tools. 

Ensures Code Stability with Data Binding

ReactJS allows developers to work directly with components and use downward data binding to make sure that the parent entities are not affected by the changes in child entities. This process can result in code stability and also support the idea of development in the future. Hence, the majority of companies focus to hire ReactJS developers

Benefits of Angular Framework

Better Performance

With hierarchical dependency, Angular proves to be much better than AngularJS, in which classes are not dependent on each other and rather turn towards external sources delivering high performance to Angular mobile apps. 

Cleaner Code 

Angular uses Typescript programming language as a superset of Javascript. Although it compiles Javascript, it simplifies the entire process of finding and eliminating some of the common issues with typing code. This can help app developers to write error-free and cleaner codes, while ensuring high quality that can be helpful during the investment in enterprise application development services, or hiring Angular developers or when companies hire ReactJS developers

Error Handling 

The new version of Angular i.e. Angular 7 provides features such as an updated process to handle errors for @Output in the scenario when the property is not initialized. 

Better Interface

Angular provides pre-built design components across navigation elements such as pop-ups, form control, data tables, and layouts. This can help mobile application developers to overcome the impact of Google Material design on the mobile application design, and develop the product that is needed by users. 

Angular CLI Leading to Seamless Updates

Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) is easy to install and use, and serves as an innovative testing tool and easy commands and is supported by different platforms and engineers. This makes it possible to update the components that are dependent on the third-party. 

Owing to the number of benefits offered by both Angular and React front-end frameworks, companies are focusing to hire ReactJS developers and Angular developers to develop user-friendly applications along with the best user interface that can enhance the user experience.  

Comparison of Angular and React Front-End Frameworks

Based on various factors companies plan to use the framework that is most suitable for application development. Below are some of the factors that can be considered to select the right platform for app development.


Based on architecture both React and Angular are component based, which means they are reusable, cohesive, and modular. However, the difference is in tech stack, where React uses Javascript, and Angular uses Typescript for website and web development that is error-free and compact. 


In terms of popularity, React has more searches on Google as compared to Angular. However, more interest is shown in Angular owing to the availability of ready-made solutions. Meanwhile, both technologies are still being developed, this means both are popular among customers. Companies are also focusing to hire ReactJS developers as well as Angular developers for web and mobile app development. 

Productivity and Development Speed

With Angular, developers can enjoy enhanced development experience, this is due to CLI that helps in creating a workspace and design apps swiftly and also produce components and services with the built-in process to solve various problems and achieve clean and clear coding. 

On the other hand, the productivity and development speed in React is affected due to the use of third-party libraries. To solve this problem, ReactJS developers need to use the right architecture along with tools. This shows that Angular is a more preferred choice when it comes to productivity and development speed. 

Companies that hire ReactJS developers need to know when it is right to use React for application development. Some of the things that companies should focus on before making a decision to develop an app using React are when there is a need to develop customized app solution, the team has expertise in CSS, Java, and HTML, and components are likely to be shared across various applications along with the expansion of app project. 

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