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Why Use DUI Lawyers & Criminal Defense

Why Use DUI Lawyers & Criminal Defense

If you are charged with having a DUI, one of the very first questions that you may think of is going to be whether or not you need some type of legal representation or not.  Essentially, you may be wondering whether or not you should go out and find a lawyer to represent you against these criminal charges. And if this is your first DUI, this question is going to be even more important than you would ever think.  This is going to be especially true when you compare your other options of either using the public defendant that has no experience or representing yourself.

Here is exactly why you are going to want to be sure and find the very best DUI lawyer to help you with your criminal defense if you ever find yourself in trouble with the law for drinking and driving.

Can a DUI Lawyer Really Help with the Outcome of Your Case?

If you have ever been involved with the criminal justice system or have known anybody who has been, then you already know that it is pretty much never going to be a very good idea to represent yourself in any kind of criminal justice case.  This is because when you represent yourself, you are more than likely going to have no idea who anybody in your areas criminal justice system is, meaning that you will have no idea whether or not you have gotten a fair judge, a new district attorney, or anything at all. That is why it is extremely important for you to hire a DUI lawyer in Miami to help plea your case.

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Case Outcomes for Those Who Hired a DUI Lawyer

In general, even if you hire a DUI lawyer, you are more than likely going to be convicted of a DUI in some way, shape or form says  Whether it be by plea bargain or by a total conviction after your trial (which is going to be the case for most people who have decided to try and defend themselves or use a public defender).  With that being said, the absolute lowest conviction rate was for those who did go out and decide to hire a private DUI lawyer, the conviction rate being just 65% of all the cases. Now keep in mind that this is going to be the lowest conviction rate out of all your potential and options like transport medical cannibus when it comes to defending yourself against a DUI charge.

Now you will need to know that a notable 22% of the people who did decide to use a DUI lawyer were able to plea bargain their way to a non-DUI charge, those charges did include anything from reckless driving to impaired driving.  However, 22% were able to get out of a DUI charge. Now compare that to the charges that a public defender was able to get, which is only going to be 7%, and then you have the self-represented group that come in at 0%. What this means is that you should hire a DUI lawyer if you find yourself being charged with a DUI.