Why Your Growing Business Needs a Virtual phone system?

Why Your Growing Business Needs a Virtual phone system?

A newbie in the business world, you might not have much idea about what are the essentials in your business and what all should you embed to facilitate growth. There might be an array of things that would fascinate you, only that your budget doesn’t allow you to extend your hand across all, right? 

While there a few things that can wait and you need not spare your resources gathering them. Some should be part of your business from the first day. One of these includes a virtual phone number.

What is a Virtual Phone System? 

A virtual phone system is primarily cloud-based telephony working through the internet protocol.  The technology doesn’t require you to set up additional hardware within the premise, instead, you can use any of the existing devices to host the telephony. 

Put simply, whether you have an iPhone, a tablet or a desktop, the virtual phone number can be accessed through and answered everywhere. The main idea here is that sound is compressed and stored in the form of data packets. These are then transferred and sent to the other end via the internet. All the numbers are stored in the cloud and can be accessed ubiquitously. 

With your business growing beyond expectations, you might be flooded with calls, all from your leads and customers (existing and potential). A single missed call can cost you high and hence, a dedicated virtual system is a must. Lingering doubts? 

Here we have five reasons why do you need to install a business phone system with a virtual number in your enterprise. 

5 Reasons Every Growing Business Needs A Virtual Telephony 

  • Optimize Cost 

People have this belief that age-old technologies are economical and switching to a modern solution would do nothing except increasing cost. It might be true in some cases but fails to apply in the system of virtual telephones. For organizations that have international customers, calling at different locations would be a bit expensive. On the other hand, virtual phone numbers are cost-cutting. Neither does this require additional hardware, nor does it cost you for every call. The entire software is hosted and managed by the service provider, reducing the overall cost of operation. 

  • Ease of Communication 

While the traditional phones limit you to your office cubicle, mandating you to be in close proximity to answer or address calls, a virtual phone system only need a handy mobile device and internet connectivity. You no longer need to remain attached to your office infrastructure, instead, you can access the system remotely, whether at home or while traveling. With such kind of business phone system, you can easily share voicemail over emails in a way, boosting flexibility in communication. 

This also allows you to keep your business up and running without any obstruction. Given the age of freelancers and remote working, virtual numbers are a boon. Employees working from home can leverage the technology and remain connected with peers and customers, on a whole. 

  • Scalable Solution

Virtual telephony isn’t limited only to making or receiving calls. Instead, the features and functionality extend to call transferring, voice mails, call forwarding, automated call answering, etc. Further, the services bought or the plans purchased can be scaled as per the needs and requirements of the business. It comes with a subscription fee that you need to pay monthly and is for a fixed number of calls. You need not pay for separate calls individually. 

  • Customizable Numbers

Virtual numbers give you the ease to select a dedicated number for your business. Whether you wish to enlist an option of free calling or connect with local numbers, the virtual system aids all. In case, you wish to boost your brand and increase your end to end business sales, vanity numbers might meet the purpose best. 

Though some of these might cost you more but given the benefits aided in terms of customer experience, the price seems worth it. 

  • Promote Brand 

While the traditional telephones are prone to faults and technical glitches, cloud-based virtual numbers are not just flexible but also available throughout the day. This implies that no matter what time of day it is, it could be 1800 hours or 2200 hours, the business is active and running. Your customers will never make a switch and hence, you can serve them effectively. 


When you are a start-up agency or your business has just taken off a flight, scalable solutions are the best fit. The fact that your business is naive and predicting the needs would be tough, virtual systems gives you the ease to add resources progressively. This way you never pay more yet in exchange for quality-driven calls. Summing up, it is best for a business to invest in virtual phones for their enterprise, on and off the grid. 

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