World Youth Skills Day: These platforms will help you upskill in times of COVID-19

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India has the benefit of a large youth workforce, which can drive the country’s transformation from a growing to a developed economy. Therefore, India is set to become by 2020, the youngest skilled pace in the world, and this ‘demographic dividend’ makes it crucial for enterprises to leverage their real potential.

The motto of World Youth Skills Day:

The United Nations organizes World Youth Skills Day on July 15, 2020. This day intends to emphasize the strategic value of equipping young people with career, decent work, and entrepreneurial abilities and underline the vital position that talented young people play in solving current or future global challenges.

This day’s significance considers the growing job crisis in both the developed and developing world economies. By professional and vocational training, learners may acquire specific skills to pursue jobs or be self-employed. It will also help people adjust to increasing work demands and increase salaries. A thriving career and changing times in varied sectors have further stressed the need to upgrade and regain expertise independent of a pandemic. 

Need for upskilling and reskilling during a pandemic

Through stable significance and growth, an individual means that they get hired in all sorts of situations. In a V-shape economic recovery post-COVID 19, the ‘skills’ of all citizens in the field of employment, business, companies, education institutions, and workforce themselves would be crucial and sustainable growth in terms of skills would need renewed partnership. The pandemic has speeded up the need for literary services in the 21st century. The skills that allow the activity of IA, RPA, Big Data, and Data literacy would be essential from an industrial viewpoint as well as forecasting the future of online learning.

In the job sector, the coming years would be very significant. One side, in this century, we are going to welcome the digital natives. On the other hand, with this downturn, we would have low skill job opportunities in a highly distributed world, which will give way to higher-skill jobs. And this will cause a significant conflict in the demand-supply chain. One must be exposed to many emerging innovations to be able to work collaboratively and remotely.

Therefore, improved skills are more necessary than ever to keep pace with rising global developments. Not only does your CV look great, but it also opens up a range of new prospects and, above all, better employment. The COVID-19 scenario has given education training provider platforms and an exciting opportunity. Training providers are experiencing a rise in enrolment in training programs. While enterprises concentrate on upskilling their employees and project planning, they are signing up with training providers.

Great Learning

In April, the professional learning firm, Great Learning, began the Corporate Academy. Over the last month, the organization has seen 25% of participants completing the Corporate Academy course. Single user invests on average every day 2 hours on a platform. Also, it has seen an over 200% increase in their app installations.


Another corporate training platform, SpringPeople, provides online access to self-paced classes. The ‘LnDCloud’ e-learning framework includes video-based instruction, activities, and capstone programs. Because the portal is closed, consumer engagement has increased. In popular disciplines like cloud, DevOps, and ML, SpringPeople has seen a demand rise of nearly 40 percent.


Simplilearn, formed by the alumnus of IIT-Kharagpur Krishna Kumar, provides to the growing market for professional certification. The Edtech startup offers a hybrid learning platform and relies on active practitioners who like to upgrade. It gives its Android mobile app with over 1,00,000 participants, 13 comprehensive free fundamental programs. 

Simplilearn began its job guarantee program in the context of its master’s program in full-stack Java development on August 15, 2020, to aid in post-COVID times. The free programs include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Data Science and Business Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, and Project Management (especially PMP training). It has claimed to help provide training and certification and meet their company and career priorities to over one million practitioners and 1,000 businesses in 150 countries.


Intellipaat also revealed substantial growth in the number of students who participate in professional courses through online learning among age groups. The firm, providing paid and free classes, has seen a 25% rise in enrollment following the COVID-19 epidemic.

IntelliPaat has accompanied to almost 200 companies and helps employees develop new skills in India. Approximately 50% of IntelliPaat students are from India, and they are available in 55 countries. Some of the platform’s most popular courses include Data Science, AI, ML, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Digital Marketing, and other programming networks. Also, IntelliPaat offers training in more than 150 courses in the technologies listed.


Coursera has tied up with universities that are impacted by Covid-19. Many of the world’s largest universities have free access to Coursera’s course catalogue. The paid courses are available freely up to July 31. Coursera for Campus program allows students before September 30 to take the classes.

Imarticus Learning 

Imarticus Learning, a leading education platform, is known for the first business solution to fill the gap between employment and education. Founded by Nikhil Barshikar, Imarticus Learning is now ready to launch a series of certification courses in technology, data analytics, and finance. Such online courses are free of cost and allow professionals to update their skills in the field with relevant industry know-how. The company offers a variety of professional development solutions for corporates in the training, placement, and other divisions.

Final Words

Was it the right time to become more skilled? Any time to concentrate on learning will ever be incorrect. Education has now shifted online, like nearly anything else. Now is the best opportunity to engage in any of these courses to continue after this pandemic gets resolved. The positive aspect is that at this period, people are on the learning route. Recent data shows that the number of people looking for online courses while they stay at home is growing significantly. Upskilling is the latest currency that will help individuals succeed and adapt to the experienced changes and enabling businesses to step better in the new future.