1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites To Unblock 1337x and Alternatives

1337x proxy

1337x is the best torrent site in the world right now having a lot of torrent files around billions of torrent files in their database, in which users can download all types of content like software, gaming, videos, music, and Tv shows totally free.1337x proxy is used all over the world to access the original 1337x site.1337x  becoming famous and because of its wide range of categories and users around the globe.Originally. the main domain is down due to piracy issues, so, there are 1337x proxy and mirror sites available online.

Overview of 1337x  Best Torrent Sites 2020
 Features The well-recognized torrent site across the globe.
Types of Content Movies, Tv-Shows, Games, and Videos
Availability Globally
Library Size  More than 10 million files
Year Established: 2008
Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs:,,,
Banned in Region United Kingdom, Australia, Russian Federation, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, and Australia
Download Speed 5 MB/s – Above average download speed.
Alexa Ranking 301

What are 1337x Proxy sites?

1337x is downloading site which gives advanced stuff like programming, applications, videos, games, music and significantly more in no cost. But unfortunately 1337x was brought somewhere around law implementation because of copyright issues. Be that as it may, 1337x proxy and a few volunteers are making new destinations and sharing their genuine database through them. These Mirror sites which are utilized to give a blocked database is called Mirror locales or intermediaries.

1337x proxy and mirror sites
1337x Proxy

These intermediaries are likewise stuck sometimes, so it is best for you to bookmark this page as I will refresh the attempted and tried new rundown of 1337x intermediary locales.

List of 40+ Working 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites 2020

We tried our best to find the official and unofficial 40+ working 1337x proxy and mirror sites in 2020. Make sure to bookmark this article.

Official 1337x Proxy Sites

  1. – Working 1337x Proxy
  2. – 1337x Proxy
  3. – 1337x Proxy Official
  4. – 1337x Proxy Mirror
  5. – 1337x Proxy Working
  6. –1337x Proxy / Mirror

List of Unofficial 1337x Proxy Mirror Sites in 2020

Here is the list of some 1337x proxy sites in 2020. Make sure you are able to access all the features of the website.

Make sure to bookmark this list as we will keep on adding new 1337x mirrors & proxies as we found them. However, below we have provided some important links to other torrent websites and their mirrors, explore them and you’ll find lots of interesting stuff.

Why Would 1337x Proxy Be Blocked?

In countries with strict copyright laws, torrent sites such as 1337x are frequently blocked by ISPs. You won’t be able to directly link to the web if you live in one of those countries. And if you were allowed to download content, you would possibly be charged.

Your ISP can also block access or throw up your bandwidth download speed. This is done to discourage the use of the website by making the installation of media files highly time-consuming.

How to Unblock 1337x

There are several workarounds for access to a blocked torrent site, and it is impossible to block through the website and its proxies entirely.

Use VPN to unblock 1337x

The first alternative for accessing the internet without exposing your true IP address is the Virtual Private Net (VPN). You can’t monitor the torrent websites like 1337x without restrictions when using VPN on your ISP.

Use 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites

A blocked torrent site is a good choice for accessing web proxy sites or mirrors. The list of servers and mirrors with 1337x proxy is above.

Top 5 1337x Alternatives and Mirror Sites

1 The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay remains the most popular torrent website on the Internet, and probably the most successful. This is why on this web site you can find almost every popular torrent. That said, the site design is now somewhat old school and new registrations are not allowed on the website. You can still scan and download P2P files without any limitations.

Kickass Torrents

We can easily and simply download movies, TV shows, games, software, and anything else via KickAssTorrents just like 1337x.This site needs no introduction as it ruled the best torrent sites for a few years until it’s shut down. Among the best 1337x alternatives, KATcr stands above the rest.

3 Torrent Downloads has a huge library of torrents from just about any category imaginable. You will get to download movies, TV shows, music, books, and pretty much everything else.Torrent Downloads is also leading in the list of best torrent sites. Torrent Downloads is a torrent index with one of the biggest databases out there.

4  Torrentz2

It is easy and fast to run Torrentz2. Indeed, many of the features of the original engine was repeated after the latter was downgraded. And Torrentz2 also made no mention of the matter. It clearly specified what it means to do.It is the best torrent site and alternative to 1337x

Torrentz2 is a great tool if you are searching for material that is somewhat older or fairly obscure. When it is not actually at Torrentz2, it’s usually not on the Internet. It is fair to say that. Although the original Torrentz site remains absent, this one is doing a lot of work to compensate for the absence.

5  Lime Torrents

In the event that your preferred best torrenting sites are down LimeTorrents is an incredible alternative to 1337x.LimeTorrents is anything but difficult to utilize and basic, sorted out layout.LimeTorrents might just be the last site standing when the residue at long last settles. Which is the reason you should keep them in mind?


As you probably are aware Many nations are obstructing the deluges, it is difficult to get to the 1337x by utilizing direct connections. In the wake of getting hindered by nations in everywhere throughout the world, users have been searching for 1337x reflect sites and 1337x intermediary locales to have the option to get to unblocked 1337x proxy for nothing. Right now, have shared a portion of the best 1337x alternatives just as mirror sites alongside hardly any elective sites and tips to unblock 1337x downloading site. We trust you discovered this article accommodating and had the option to download two or three movies and Tv shows from 1337x.