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The Influence of Safety Campaign Videos


Safety campaign videos are paramount in the workplace and teaching industries, as they can help to inform and deter people from doing the wrong thing or putting themselves at risk. Why are they so important and how do they make an impact on viewers?

Think! The Uk Governments Campaign For Road Traffic Safety

For over 75 years the UK government has been enforcing road safety campaigns as an aim to make our roads safer for everyone, whether you’re a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian.

In 2000, THINK! came onto the scene and emerged as a new, iconic way to challenge people and make them think about the impacts of dangerous behaviors on British roads.

Often used as an advert during prime time when most British families would be watching television, these safety videos were engrained in our minds and have helped us to question our actions on the roads for the past two decades.

These adverts were even able to be targeted at children and made road safety fun with the instantly recognizable 2003 clip of ‘Stop, Look and Listen’ song sang by a family of hedgehogs. A great way to encourage younger ones to be safe whilst crossing the roads.

Since then, THINK! has continued to display the importance of road traffic safety through video format.

Construction Safety – Turning Concern Into Action Video

Safety videos have also paved the way for construction work in the UK and how it’s undertaken by the staff involved.

The HSE video goes on to explain how many British construction workers will suffer ill health as a result of unsafe working conditions and not adhering to safety guidelines. The video then begins interviewing first-hand sufferers of accidents on site that could have been avoided with the correct safety equipment, such as ear defenders and hard hats, and restrictions in place.

The way in which these videos are filmed, and document real-life events makes the viewer feel empathy for the person affected and shocks them into realizing that it could be, or could have been, them on the receiving end. This encourages workers to respect safety guidelines and enforces site managers and companies to ensure that these supplies are in place.

Farm Safety Partnership In Northern Ireland In March 2015

Although we don’t straight away think of agriculture when we think of modern workplaces that might require a safety video, there are lots of injuries that can occur with heavy farm machinery and around animals.

Figures published in the Health and Safety Executive’s report ‘Fatal injuries in agriculture, forestry, and fishing in Great Britain 2019/20’ show 21 people were killed as a result of farming and other agriculture-related activities during the year.

The most common killer in agriculture is someone being struck by a moving vehicle. Instructional videos on how to safely use and manage farm equipment will help reduce the impact and spread awareness and knowledge amongst the agricultural community.

Having a video that is often shocking, informative, or contains something memorable such as a skit or song, will likely have a larger impact on the viewer and will therefore become an engrained piece in their memory that they will consider before working with certain types of equipment.

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