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5 Tips On How To Print the Best Quality Full-Color Stickers


That’s why a lot of people have started venturing into the production and sales of stickers. However, not everybody makes high-quality stickers. One excellent opportunity to bring your business into the limelight is through printing organizations like, as they will give an outstanding print and design for your product label.

That’s why we’ve assembled a quick guide that consists of five steps you can follow to get your stickers looking spot on. Get those vibrant colors and let your stickers stand out from the bunch by following these simple tips and tricks.

Get the Resolution Sorted

The most often problem when printing stickers can be that they come out looking blurry or pixelated. The main cause of that is picking the wrong resolution. There aren’t enough pixels per inch to make the picture feel faithful to the original and make it pop. That’s quickly resolved by increasing the resolution you will be printing.

Pictures on the internet need less than those you will be printing, so don’t be afraid to start with a larger image and shrink it down while increasing the resolution. However, if the picture is low-resolution, to begin with, there isn’t much you can do to fix it, and maybe you should convince your customer to choose some other image or get you the same one in better quality. 

Composition is Key

Good composition is necessary to make the sticker stand out from the bunch and catch the viewer’s eye. Good composition means that the sticker can’t be boring to look at. It’s accomplished with good centering and enough blank space around it.

The centering means that the image should be composed in a way that you can tell what it is from the first glance and that the proper spots on it draw focus from the one looking at it. 

Negative or blank space around the sticker makes it stand out – too much of it, and the picture won’t be the main focus, too little, and it’ll be easily lost in the background.

Be Creative

There’s nothing that can garner attention as well as an original design that exudes and drips creativeness from the image. So if it’s your design you’re printing, make sure it’s a unique one that’s recognizable even from a distance – that’s what counts.

Even if you are printing something like a company logo, there’s no reason not to be creative with the placement and design, as long as the customer agrees. Originality works for big companies the same as it does for solo artists. 

Don’t be afraid to implement any new ideas you might get – they could end up being what people recognize about your stickers, which is the end goal.

Get Good Equipment and Materials

Make your stickers last. Without good materials and the proper equipment to follow them up, your stickers just won’t last and will fade into nothingness before they can be noticed. As for the equipment, you can learn about printers here.

Now, the materials can be tricky, and they depend a lot on what kind of stickers you want to make. If they are going to be sitting outdoors somewhere, your best bet would be to make some vinyl stickers, but recycled paper or polyester will do just fine for indoor conditions. 

Whatever you choose, make sure that the material lasts and that your colors are vibrant and don’t blend in with each other too much.

Make Your Stickers Stand Out

Combine all the tips from above to make truly awesome stickers that can be spotted from a mile away. Good image quality, composition and placement, originality, and the material all play a big role in that game. Still, the most important factor, without a doubt, is making your stickers memorable.

If people remember your stickers and recognize them as yours, your job is pretty much done. They are now virtually free marketing, and you can always show them to the customer to let them see what they are paying for. 

It’s also a great idea to do some social media marketing and maybe even make your series of digital stickers for various platforms.

In Conclusion

That was pretty much everything you need to make your stickers unique and memorable to anyone who lays eyes on them. Essentially, as long as you have a good grasp on composition and good ideas that you can translate into images, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your products noticed and wanted.