Advantages of Custom Web Application Development for Your Business

Advantages of Custom Web Application Development

Businesses must strive to grow in order to stay on top of new technologies and respond to innovations that can make it more efficient. Creating and launching your own mobile application is a rather serious step. This takes an investment of time and resources. What are the benefits of mobile app development? There are some of them.

The constant trend of growth in the number of mobile device users

The popularity of the mobile Internet in the world is growing rapidly. The number of Internet users of mobile devices has long exceeded the traffic of users from personal computers. Global mobile data traffic is set to grow in the near term at a CAGR of 57% over 2014-2019, according to Cisco. The rise of mobile technology is opening up a huge new market of opportunities for any business, including small ones. So custom web application become rather important.

Ideal for smartphone or tablet

According to statistics, a large percentage of refusals are received by sites that are not responsive to mobile devices. It is inconvenient to receive information from the small screen of a mobile device due to the small scale. Mobile application interfaces are designed from the outset to consume information from small screens. The structure of the applications is optimized for comfortable navigation. All the necessary information is easily accessible. The application makes the most of the functions available only for a smartphone. For example, these are calls, location determination, push notifications and others.

An important marketing channel

If a customer is already using a smartphone or tablet to search and study goods, why not give him the opportunity to buy the necessary goods with their help? The advantage of the mobile application is that it is installed by people who are initially interested in your goods / services. Technology migration services are rather popular. And it is for these people that you will post new information, promotions and special offers. Plus, after installing the application, your icon will appear on the user’s home screen – a long advertising contact. To access the goods and services of your company, one tap on the screen will remain.

Constant, fast and inexpensive contact with your client

A mobile device is with a person almost 24 hours a day. This is personal contact with your customers. A competent strategy and segmentation of push notifications allows you to communicate with different groups of users. The person who installed your mobile application is more likely to make repeat purchases. Since they are your direct target audience. However, push notifications should be used when something really important happens in the application.

Mobile applications for monitoring business performance

Mobile apps allow you to set up ecommerce tracking and collect information about all items purchased. They are used for total purchases, and prices. You can configure the receipt of basic business data in real time. For example, performance indicators: number of customers, sales, costs, profits. For example, the middle and top management of a large holding receive a summary of the performance of each business unit. At meetings, they confidently report the results of their work by looking at the exact numbers in the appendix.

Promotion in mobile search

People use mobile devices more and more often, and this leads to certain changes in their preferences. For several years now, we have seen a significant growth in the mobile Internet audience all over the world. Successful business development is impossible without trend analysis and optimization for mobile devices. According to Google statistics, 39% of mobile device users make a purchase from them. 55% are looking for goods or services using their smartphones in order to make a further purchase. If your business is not mobile adapted, Google will underestimate the site’s position in search results, which threatens with a sharp loss of traffic and a decrease in the flow of new customers.

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