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Architecture Master in Europe: All you need to know

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This article is about Architecture Master in Europe. If you are living in Europe and looking for the best degree program that offers you to study Architecture Master in Europe then you are in right place. In this article, we will discuss Architecture Master in Europe.

An architecture Master is a person who studied advanced architecture techniques and is an expert in architecture management and skills. If you are finding a program in which you can study architecture master in Europe then you can think about Master in City & Housing (MCH). You can visit their official website if you want further information. Their website link is given by which you can get easy access to MCH.  

What is Architecture Master MCH?   

The Architecture Master’s MCH is an advanced postgraduate global specialization program. The Polytechnic University of Madrid (University of Politecnica of Madrid) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) introduce it. This is a postgraduate program for the study of architecture and advanced architectural techniques or designs. 

MCH is a program in which you can study Architecture in detail. You can study the best architectural techniques and designs in MCH architectural program. 

MCH is popular for expert architects. This is one of the best architectural courses in Europe.

When was MCH offered to the people in Europe? 

MCH is an architecture study program that was first offered to people in Europe in 2006. It was initially takes place at UPM, ETSAM, and MADRID.  

MCH Program Characteristics

MCH is an incredible architecture course in which you can study architecture in detail and it enables you to be an architectural master. 

  • MCH Course Length 

The duration of the MCH course is 8 months and the final compliance is in December. 

  • MCH location 

The MCH course takes place at “ETSA MADRID, SPAIN. It also offers study trips to students. 

  • MCH Course Language 

The MCH course is 100% in the English language. It offers student to study all in the course in the English language. 

  • MCH Tuition Fee 

The Tuition fee of MCH is 19.600 €. 

Can you join this program online? 

No, the institution does not allow joining this program. You must join a head-on program at the place where it takes place. 

Is MCH an official and legal master? 

MCH is a master of advanced architectural study program or course. It is an official diploma and considered valid by the Polytechnic University of Madrid. 

What are the admission requirements for MCH? 

Application forms are available for MCH when the course starts. The applicants have to follow the steps mentioned below to take part in the MCH course. 

  • Applicants must fill out the application form online that is available on the official website of MCH. They need a CV in PDF form and a motivation letter to apply online. 
  • Applicants must attach a recommendation letter with the application form
  • The management selects some candidates from the applicants
  • After the selection, the applicants get an Email from the management 

Final Words 

MCH is the best program that allows you to study architecture for only 8 months. You can be a professional architect after studying in this program.