Best 5 Tech Gear for Pet Owners


Pets are arguably the best addition to any household. They bring everyone love and affection as well as protection and entertainment. We all want to take care of our pets the best way possible. Keeping them safe, healthy, and feeling loved are the most important goals for pet owners. 

That can get tricky sometimes because of an obvious language barrier, but there are plenty of ways to show your pets some love! There is some awesome tech gear on the market to really help bridge the gap and make sure your pets are living their best lives. Check out this list of some awesome tech gear that every pet owner should have! 

PetChatz HD and PawCall

This two-way audio and video camera are one of the best pet cameras, perfect for any pet owner. Is there anything worse than coming home after work or a restaurant to find the food on your counter is gone, socks ripped apart on your floor, and trash littered all over the kitchen? Probably not. 

Our pets can sometimes get a little antsy when waiting for you to return, so this product is a must-have. It not only allows you to video call your pet when you miss them, but also dispense treats at your command, a calming aroma if your pet has separation anxiety, and even take video recordings of your pets that you can share with anybody. 

The best part about this product has to be the Paw Call. If your pet is really missing you and just needs to be reminded that they’re loved, there’s an attachment that lets them call you! It’s a button that can stick to the floor or wall that your pet pushes and you get the call on your phone! It might be hard to teach them how to use it at first, but they’ll love knowing you’re not that far away. 


Any pet owner’s worst nightmare is when their little friend gets out of the house and goes missing. You can spend hours frantically searching throughout the neighborhood and calling people for help. That’s where Whistle helps.HOB skimmer with pump mounted externally under the skimmer body. Unique design reduces heat exchanged to the water

The Whistle is a GPS and activity monitor that attaches to your pet’s collar. You can set up safe zones around your house that send you notifications automatically if your pet leaves those zones. It also allows you to track their location at all times, as well as monitor their activity so you can ensure they are healthy and active. Keep your nightmares in your dreams and out of your real life by making sure you grab one of these! 

PetSafe Drinkwell PetFountain

Does anybody want to drink stale water that has been sitting still for hours? If you don’t, then why should your pet? The PetSafe Drink well PetFountain is an incredible piece of tech gear for any pet owner. It automatically dispenses water into its bowl and sends it back up the machine to be poured again like an unlimited fountain. 

Worried about the cleanliness of the water? Worry no more, because inside the fountain are replaceable filters that keep the water super clean for consumption. It comes in two sizes, with the largest being able to hold 168oz of water! Perfect for an entire day’s worth. Either your cat or dog or whatever pet you own will be grateful that their water is always fresh and clean for an entire day!


Sometimes it can be really hard to make sure your pet stays active. We all know it’s important, but there are days that you won’t be able to get them on their walks or to the park. With iFetch, those worries are a thing of the past. 

This automatic ball launcher is perfect for any pet needing an extra dose of exercise. If you can teach your dog to place the ball back in the machine, it will launch the ball in 10, 20, and 30 feet intervals for them to chase! You can put it in a large open room or in your backyard. Teaching them how it works might be tricky, but if they learn they’ll love every second of it! 


This might not be the techiest thing on this list, but it sure is helpful. When bath time comes around, nearly every pet runs and hides. It’s a necessary evil that both the pets and the owners have to go through. 

This wearable scrubber attaches to the hose allowing for you to brush the soap off your pet while also having water run through it. Your pet will love the quickness of it, and you’ll love the simplified version of bath time. Keep your pets clean and smelling amazing by snagging an Aqua Paw! 

Final Thoughts on Tech Gear for Pet Owners

Taking care of a pet can be difficult at times, but it’s always worth it. They give you unconditional love and affection at all times, so why not do everything you can to make their lives amazing? With these awesome pieces of tech gear, they will almost never have a bad day! Make sure to grab at least one of these items not just for your sake, but for your furry friend!