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How to Spy on Android Phone with TheOneSpy?


Our mobiles and the latest technology trends are constantly changing. All these changes are also referring us to online vulnerability. Your children are often attacked by strangers, and it is too late when you get to hear their silent screams. So, to avoid any situations like this, there is the best solution and it is android spy software. Keep the track of history, know the whereabouts of your kid, get complete access to their location history and monitor their calls too.

Looking for the best application? TheOneSpy app is helping many parents and business owners to monitor other android phones for their safety.

What do you need to do to get the app?

There are just a few simple steps to follow, and you can access the wanted information about the specific target android device. Just purchase the subscription and get the credentials for the control panel. You can then enjoy many features of a single application along with the monitoring features. Regardless of your android device, you can now monitor every activity of your target through the simple application. TheOneSpy has a huge number of features that are benefiting parents and business owners in many ways.

Benefits of TheOneSpy App

You can be suspicious of the activities of your child or want to catch any employee red-handed. There are many reasons for which people spy on another person. However, the android spy software like TheOneSpy is number one in the US because of their performance and other reliable qualities. Some of the features are listed and explained below, know about them and decide if you want to purchase the application for long-term benefits or not.

Here is the list of features that can help you in spying another android phone:

1. GPS Location Tracking

Use this android spy software for your benefit and enjoy the feature of GPS location tracking. This application allows you to track current, previous and pin locations of a target. You can be an individual who cares for a loved one or a business owner who is cautious about the activities of the employees. This feature is also useful for lost and stolen phones.

2.  Social Media Monitoring

Spy on all the instant messaging application or keep a check on social media sharing of your children. The world is getting closer, and it is impossible to keep your children away from social media. So, this application helps you chase their activities and know if your child is safe or not. So, you can help them if they are facing any harmful situations online.

3. Live Screen Recording

You can record the live screen by keeping control of the cameras and keep a check on-screen activities. It is more beneficial for business owners. You would know about any employee who is trying to ditch you on your back. Stay aware of the backstabbers through TheOneSpy app.

4. Call Recordings & history

This application is also benefiting to get access to the contacts of a target and know about their calls. Record all incoming or outgoing calls. You can even track the record of unknown numbers or missed calls.

5. Keyloggers

Chase the passwords of the target by using keylogger feature in this application. It records all the keys and you can always get the accurate passwords for their accounts and emails.

6. Data Backup Facility

You cannot stick to the screen 24/7 to spy on someone. You have your life to live. So, this application provides a backup feature. Data is stored in the panel, and you can access it later and know about the recent or deleted activities of the user.

7. Desktop Application

TheOneSpy is one of the best android spy software that allows a person to install a desktop app instead of using a browser. Install the desktop app, and you will have complete access to the data.

Alternative of the OneSpy App

These are the best alternative to the OneSpy App.

  • mSpy
    mSpy works with android and iOS systems, and runs in background mode, providing the updates on the desired device every 5 minutes. It also allows remote control of programs and apps.
  • Flexispy
    With more features than most spying apps, Flexispy offers a lot of flexibility. The vast selection of extensive features it sports does come at a somewhat hefty $349 price tag, however, you do not need to sign up for a recurring plan of payments.
  • Spyzie
    Spyzie also carries the added benefit of not needing to be run on a ‘jailbroken or rooted device, unlike its many alternatives. It is a good solution for monitoring employees or kids remotely, and the interface for doing so is easy to use. However, deleted information is not recorded after it is removed from the device being spied on.
  • MobiStealth
    There have been reported struggles with installation as well as the notable lack of contact and website blocking, but the daily cost of using this app with its many features does essentially boil down to about $0.50 per day.

Who can use this application?

This application is widely used by parents, business owners, and individuals too. Now you can keep an eye on your children, employees, or close ones to keep them safe from any problems or stay ahead of the time in case of fraud.