The Pros of Working With the Best Link-Building Services


Link building is a strategy to improve your search results. SEO teams work with influencers to share content with links to your website embedded in relevant anchor text. When done well, link building can grow your reputation along with your organic traffic. However, you need to make sure you hire an agency that practices white-hat link building. Here are a few benefits of working with the best SEO experts out there.

Reputable companies work closely with search engines.

When you hire the best link-building services on the market, you can gain insight into the SEO best practices laid out by Google and Bing. This is because these SEO firms don’t see search engines as adversaries and their algorithms aren’t something to beat. Instead, these teams will often meet with Google representatives to learn about ranking strategies and content marketing practices and attend Google I/O (its annual developers conference) each year.

As you evaluate potential agencies, ask about their relationship with search engines. If they follow white-hat link-building strategies they shouldn’t have a problem discussing their SEO services in detail.

Top companies have existing relationships with bloggers.

A large part of link building is guest posting on other blogs and websites. Your SEO agency will reach out to relevant bloggers and ask to submit content that includes links back to your website. By publishing content with high-quality links on reputable blogs, you can improve your reputation and increase your organic traffic.

A quality agency will already have positive relationships with multiple websites, making blogger outreach an easy process. These relationships come from years of trust. A low-quality SEO company will try to stuff too many links into a blog post or add irrelevant links to the content, which can turn off bloggers who are trying to create positive experiences for readers.

The best companies stand by their metrics.

Search engine optimization isn’t magic. There are no hidden codes or charms that companies pull to raise client rankings. When you work with top link-building agencies, they should feel comfortable sharing data related to their outreach efforts.

Before you hire a link-building service, ask to see a basic client report—ideally one that is submitted monthly or quarterly. It should include the number of quality links built, your website’s backlink profile, your domain authority, and the target keywords you are ranking for. If you have any questions about specific SEO metrics, ask about them. You want to learn how your agency defines success.

Good link builders are also focused on content.

Link building doesn’t just involve creating URLs in posts. If you want to rise up in the search results, those links need to be placed in high-quality content. If you hire a digital marketing agency that offers link building, ask if they provide content creation services as well. They may be able to create whitepapers and infographics that promote your brand and drive up the quality of the links they create.

A digital marketer that has content experience also knows to provide contextual relevance to the links they create. This way a high authority link won’t get stuffed into a low-quality article.

Quality agencies care about your website.

A company that offers link-building services should also want to improve the SEO of your website. This means improving your internal backlink profile, checking for broken links, updating your website copy, and adding great content to your blog.

Bloggers want high-quality links on their sites. You need to clean up your web pages first if you want these influencers to respect your brand.

Quality link-building services are transparent about their efforts. They aren’t afraid to explain how they increase your organic traffic and improve your search engine rankings. If a team isn’t transparent willing to discuss its processes, find another agency that practices white-hat link building instead.

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