Top SEO Ranking Factors to Grow Your Website’s Traffic


Today companies are in intense competition, and new businesses are coming to the fore, taking the competition to another level. Marketing is a cornerstone of a business. It has become essential in the modern-day business world, as people often do not know that your company exists. Digital marketing covers all marketing efforts which marketers apply through digital means. In the digitalized modern world, digital marketing has become crucial for the survival of businesses. SEO, search engine optimization is on every business owner’s mind as despite being an old phenomenon, it still is instrumental in bringing traffic to websites.

The simplest definition of SEO is that it improves and optimizes a website’s content to enhance its search engines’ visibility. SEO has evolved massively over the years, and marketers are continually innovating with SEO strategies and are bringing new techniques forward. Numerous factors determine the website ranking and make them appear on SERPs, search engine results pages. Businesses can apply several SEO ranking factors and give a boost to their websites’ traffic. The speed at which SEO techniques and their effectiveness change are fast. Marketers have to stay updated with the latest trends and modify their websites accordingly.

Some business owners want to apply SEO techniques, but they do not understand the process. The following are some of the SEO ranking factors which can help your website traffic grow:

Links are important SEO signals, and search engines determine websites’ authority and credibility through backlinks. The more backlinks your website has, the higher the search engine will rank your website. The key is to link a quality website as it is an off-page SEO factor that substantially impacts search rankings. Apart from authoritative sites, marketers should also take care of relevancy. Backlinks with an irrelevant website will have no impact on SEO. Experts suggest that marketers should devise a plan for acquiring backlinks through different link building techniques.

  • Improve User Experience

Low-quality websites do not rank higher on search engines, and user experience is a significant factor determining website quality. A user-friendly interface, fast page loading speed, and readable font are substantial aspects of a website. Lagging in anyone can negatively affect your website’s quality. Users are most likely to bounce back to SERP if your website does not appear reliable and if they find it slow in loading. Search engines take it as a quality determiner and put your websites back in SERP. Moreover, some search engines use artificial intelligence to rank pages and monitor dwell time, bounce rate, and click-through rate. Improving user experience will make your website a go-to place for users, and chances are to refer your website to their social circle.

  • Technical SEO

Several business owners make the mistake of hiring a wordsmith for website content and ignore SEO’s technical aspect. While high-quality content attracts customers, ignoring the technical aspects of SEO can put your website on the back pages of SERP. Creating enticing metadata containing keywords, including alt tags, inserting keywords in page titles are few significant aspects of technical SEO. Marketers can change the game of SEO marketing by looking after technical aspects of SEO.

  • Right Keywords

Marketers understand that inserting keywords in content is a powerful way of enhancing SEO. Still, several fail to pick the right targeted keywords. Marketers need to conduct proper keyword research and identify popular keywords to navigate traffic towards their webpage. Longtail keywords are more effective as people are more inclined towards voice search, and while speaking, they tend to phrase long questions. Another tip is to focus on keywords within the website’s competitive range. It becomes easier for the website to rank on those keywords. Several tools on the internet can help you filter out the keywords as per your website’s range.

  • Website Security

Search engines have already mentioned that site security is a significant ranking factor. They do not put unprotected websites on the initial SERPs. Websites should have an SSL certificate as it creates a secure connection between users and a website. Modern users are also smart, and many understand that websites with HTTPS are secure. They tend to avoid visiting other webpages. Getting an SSL certificate can increase your SEO ranking and expose your website to more people.

  • Optimize Content for Voice Search

A new wave of searching through voice is engulfing people, and many people are shifting from typing towards speaking. Optimizing content for voice search may be a new thing for some marketers, but the trend will be more effective shortly. Using structured data raises the chances of answering users’ queries, consequently bringing in more traffic.

  • Measure SEO performance

Measuring SEO performance will give you a clear picture of how effective your SEO strategies have been and help you identify improvement areas. Different SEO tool allows marketers to aggregate data from various sources into a single link. Measuring SEO is essential to determine your SEO techniques’ success and help you determine the changes you can make to improve ranking.

  • Mobile Friendliness

People prefer using their mobile for everyday activities and consider installing an application a hassle. Marketers need to make their websites mobile-friendly. People quickly turn to other alternatives when they find your website slow on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly design means optimizing content in such ways that it appears good n every screen size. Readable font and organized layout enhance users’ experience on mobiles, and they are most likely to visit again.

  • Publish Super-Quality Content

Content drives users towards the website. Most people crave different information, and publishing high-quality, unique content can enhance your website’s visibility and garner more traffic. Before you plan your website content, you need to identify your target customer. Producing different content to which the target audience can easily relate is a powerful way of bringing in more traffic.

  • Enable Sharing on Social Media

Social media users are always increasing. You can enhance your website’s visibility by enabling a ‘share’ on social media features. Many people want to share high-quality and informative content in their circles. A share feature on the website makes sharing easy for them. Besides, share options display the number, the content has been shared, which boosts website visibility, and attracts more users.


In the contemporary business world, digital marketing is on every business owner’s mind, as it has become an essential element to sustain in the market. SEO is a significant component of digital marketing. Marketers can attempt different strategies and be creative with their SEO approaches to attract more users. Regardless of the company’s size, the reason behind venturing into the business world is to earn a profit. SEO can help in making a website appear higher as search results and enhance its reach.