Commander One : File Manager For MAC


Most of the Mac users are facing issues while managing and controlling their files. Are you looking for the most reliable and trustworthy file manager software for Mac? If yes is your answer, then you should go for the Commander one for controlling and managing your files without any issues at all. 

Commander is one of the most famous and genuine software to handle files and folders. With the help of this software, you would be able to arrange all data at the Mac. You would be glad by knowing that this software is available free to use and you do not have to pay anything for using it. 

Commander one always updates from time to time and provides the best experience to the users. By using the latest version, you are going to have more functionality, connections and many more features in the list. It is a file manager for your iDevice which would allow you to manage everything without any problem. The great feature of this software is its dual-panel design which means on one side, you would see the files information and on another side, you are going to see the information about the files you are checking.It also has an FTP Port for easy data and files transfer between devices It is great software and we will go through its main features so that it will be easy for you to judge this software for your overall requirements. 

Features of Commander One

There are many attractive features of Commander One software which you should be aware of right now. Any software will be of no use if there are no attractive features for the users. Let’s go through the features of the Commander One software. 

Dual Pane Mode

Dual Pane Mode is one of the best features of this reliable software which helps users to easily move their vital folders and files without any hassle. This feature is mainly great for those users who prefer doing two tasks at a time rather than working only on a single task. You would be able to work with your several files and folders effortlessly. 

View Hidden Files

It is not an easy task to view and access all those files hidden on a Mac. With the help of Commander One software, you would be able to view all those hidden files and access them easily without any issues at all. It makes files managing on your Mac very easy and effortless. 

Use Hotkeys

You need to understand that hotkeys will be super convenient for the users for sure. By this software, you are going to get full support for using Hotkeys as well. It will be easy to assign the action to your hotkey and it will work smoothly without any problem. 


Finally, you are aware of the features of the Commander One software and how it can be beneficial for managing all your files and folders. If you are a Mac user, then you should use it without any second thought right now!

Use it and share your experiences with us!