Comparium: Automated Website Testing Tool


Comparium is the one-stop solution for testing the website at different platforms. Testing the website is a very important factor and it performs a reliable role to attract customers towards the services and products. It is the tool through which website owners can analysis the stability and behavior of the site without any hassle. Comparium Tool Gives Quality Assurance Website Testing Service It is also beneficial for checking the broken links and unoptimized codes which can leads to error in the server while using the website. It is the tool that makes the website bugs free and provides the customer with a great experience while using the site. The website with great features and functionality always brings huge traffic and offers high rate production with ease. Comparium is the automated testing tool which solves all issue without wasting time and effort. The tool helps to check the site quickly on multiple platforms.

Comparium has removed the stress of many numbers of steps as it works with just a single click. Using the tool you can run the test offline and save precious time with a simple process. Checking the website manually on different browsers is a very hectic and redundant task. Sometimes this repetitive task leads to unforeseen errors which can be bad for the owner and lowers the position in the search engine result. We all know that one test with infinite features decreases the irritation level and offers a great experience to customers. This tool has makes the testing process easy and hassle-free on a variety of browsers and operating systems.

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Steps of Testing The Website With Ease

Functionality Testing

This is the very first step in the testing of the website. This testing process helps to check the function of the site and develop requirements according to it. This also helps to check that there are no broken links that can create an issue for the customer while exploring the site. These links included with the

Outgoing link
Internal link
Anchor link
Mail To link

It is the process that also checks cookies used by the site so that it can remember the active user’s session. This test also checks the HTML and CSS for making ensure about search engines to crawl the site easily. It is the test that also checks the workflow of the site and offers a great experience to users.

Usability Testing

It is a vital part of the testing website and it is a condition that helps to target the right audience. You can explore that site consisted of links to different pages through which customer can directly reach to the services and products. This also tests the site content to make it error-free from spellings and grammatical.

Interface Testing

This is the test that checks the capability of the site to run on different types of platforms without any disturbance. Many times people have the issue of configuration while using the website and this can lower the interest of the customer. With the help of this testing process owners can make the site free form such type of situations with ease.

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Compatibility Testing

With the compatibility tests, owners can ensure the website display correctly across the different devices. It is the test through which owners can test the website capability on different browsers so that it can run smoothly without any disturbance. Simultaneously, this test also helps to make sure that the site works perfectly in the different operating systems and at the various combinations of operating systems such as Linux, Mac, Window, and many others.

Performance Testing

This testing ensures the website work under the wide ranges of loads. The website has to respond at different connection speeds so that users can enjoy the site explore with ease. With the load test owners can also make sure that the website easily behaves in a normal way at peak loads also. Sometimes due to overload website gets crash and this is not good for you. To avoid such type of situation Comparium tool is the best option.

Security Testing

To make the website secure from all types of bugs security testing is very important. It secures the site form the unauthorized access and restricts files to get download without appropriate access. This saves the website from unwanted access with ease.