Five new COVID-19 features from Google maps to help you travel around the world safely


The Google maps updates from Google have our sanity and safety in mind as public places begin to reopen in America after several months of lockdown. However, getting outgoing about your business like before will be complicated in the weeks to come. Fortunately, Google Maps is rolling out some innovative COVID-19-associated features to assist users in staying smart, alert, and safe while adjusting to daily routines and public life. Besides, these updates are essential in facilitating essential workers to move around quickly and safely while saving lives. 

Because the planned reopening will be implemented in phases that vary from state to state, and between municipalities inside the same states – Google Maps innovative capabilities give Americans customized and updated information on issues such as availability of medical facilities, crowdedness of public transit, state-wise border restrictions, upcoming driver COVID-19 checkpoints, and more. The following five timely and innovative updates are available on both Android and iOS. The updates will keep you in the now and protected when you are venturing out in transit or by car. According to, while using this technology supported tool, individual citizens have the ultimate responsibility to take care of their lives and loved ones.

 COVID-19 alerts associated with public transit

Since time immemorial, it is now significant to know where you are going beforehand. Google maps can soon inform users if their selected routes have been affected with coronavirus, together with public directed route closings or delays and detailed mask requirements for anyone visiting public places. Once you view transit roadblocks, you can adjust your directions and schedule appropriately.

Notifications for COVID-19 checkpoints and limitations on driving routes

Google Maps can provide drivers with alerts of COVID-19 checkpoints and impediments while traveling. All routes affected by COVID-19 will display a signal on the screen directions while navigating. It will help users to avoid crowded public places and reorganize their movements.

Medical and testing facilities information

If you want to get tested, Google maps offer users assistance to fast track the process. While using Google Maps App, you can get directions to the COVID-19 testing facility or any other associated medical facility. Alongside the facility is a reminder alert defining the facility tips and prompts to verify eligibility before check-in. These guidelines will help you avoid being turned away or cause extra stress on the locally available healthcare system. 

Reports about crowds on the public transit system

One of the essential protocols to avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19 is social distancing. To avoid crowded buses, train cars, subway stations, and more, please be on the lookout on Google maps to spot when certain places are busiest to prevent those spots at such times as best as possible. To check, search the station from Google Maps or select the station on the Google maps to view busyness, departure board if available. The information you see from Google maps is current and learned by feedback from riders.

Browse filters to get reduced hotel rooms for COVID-19 first responders

The essential workers such as doctors, nurses, lab technicians, law enforcers, and more can search for discounted alternative accommodation to stay near to the workplace and safely keep the distance from family at home, can use unique search feature from Google Maps. These hotel times provide free accommodation and other deals and benefits to essential workers or frontline heroes.