Fotor Review : Why Fotor is better than other picture editing apps?


Fotor is an efficient picture editor and designer that you can use to edit and recreate your images. Although Adobe Photoshop is used by experienced photographers to edit pictures, an average person can use Fotor for beautiful pictures and designs without any technological expertise.

You may also create invitation cards, birthday cards, leaflets and posters in addition to editing the pictures and videos by using the templates provided by Fotor. Using modeling software to customize models to fit the requirements.

Free photo editor provides thousands of results, fonts and shapes to add to and update your images.

You may also make a digital collage of your old memories with multiple images.

Fotor may be used as a picture editor app as well as a desktop tool.   This helps you either to import and mount your images on your machine or to sign in on-line and edit them.

How to edit Photos using Fotor?

You upload the file, you will apply effects to your imported picture using the menus and submenus.

Basic Edits: This menu offers essential editing options to rotate, trim, correct colour, re-size and tune your pictures.

Effects: There are a variety of result styles in the Options section for photos retouching. These include creative, made, vintage, romantic, romantic, sparkling, oil-painted, fading, Magic Brush, Lens Flare, pixelate 


  • Fotor provides a popular picture editing tool that helps you to change the color, the scale, the exposure as well as other settings of the image to fit your needs in a quick-to-use Fotor.
  • The retouch portrait  will improve your appearance by shaping your hair, eyebrows and applying textures and facial lighting.
  • Fotor has several awesome effects that can lend them a magic touch if applied to your images.
  • Fotor provides various ways to add to the template and images.
  • For the text you add to your app, Fotor offers dozens of texts. You can select a matching text
  • A range of sticks can be used that can be applied to your templates and images to offer them a fresh look.
  • You can make a story or memory from images with the picture collage feature.

Why should you use Fotor?

While fotor has many advanced features some of the great features are

Customized Templates

Fotor provides a broad variety of ready-made templates, from etsy and even printable (menus, leaflets, banners, etc).

No Fixed Photo Library

 If your design is supposed to include images, instead either you need to use or import your own pictures to template or you can take images from pxbee

Backgrounds Library

You can quite quickly, also multicolored, change the colors of clipart (in Fotor it is called stickers). It is useful if you use a number of stickers and want them to appear uniform.


The Fonts collection includes fonts that cover all forms of texts. They are described without any categorization, as in Microsoft Office applications.

Theme Colors

Whenever the color of a template feature is changed, it first offers ‘color topics’


  • Data Visualization
  • Filtering
  • Image Database
  • Image Editor
  • Templates


  • Desktop App Takes Too Much Ram
  • Automatic Renew Policy


Fotor offers 2 types of pricing model.One is freemium and other is premium.

Fotor Basic – free

  • Basic Edit Adjustment
  • Basic Effects
  • Basic Portrait Touch-Up
  • Classic Content
  • Basic HDR Tech

Fotor Pro – $8.99(monthly) or $3.33/month (billed annually)

  • All Fotor Basic features
  • Exclusive 100+ photo effects
  • Advanced Beauty features
  • 30+ stylized photo frames
  • 300+ custom designed stickers
  • Artistically designed backgrounds and textures
  • 80+ exquisite collage templates
  • 1000+ design templates dimensions
  • Regularly Updated New Content
  • Advanced HDR Tech


Fotor is definitely a good online tool to edit images. The ui is, of course, very simple to use and makes it feel overall good.