Read This Before Getting Your Medical Records After An Accident in Seattle


Being involved in a car accident does not necessarily result in serious injuries. Some injuries are minor and not life-threatening, whereas others are serious and may impact the patient’s future. When you’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you ought to require medical documents. They’re an important part of your case, and The Walthew Law Firm can help you prepare detailed health reports and claim better compensation.

You are entitled to receive a copy of your medical records.

You can get a copy of your medical reports from any healthcare professional under the Federal Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA). This rule does have some exceptions.

You have the right to seek the following under HIPAA:

  • If you are a designated representative, you will have access to your personal medical information and the other person’s medical records. I
  • If they provide you formal approval to serve as their representative in obtaining documents, you can seek their medical records. It is common among older persons who have selected their children as representatives.
  • If you are someone’s legal guardian, you have access to their records.
  • Parents and legal guardians will usually obtain their children’s medical records. 

What Kinds of Records Can You Get?

HIPAA permits people to obtain copies of all medical information. Patients have the right to see their original medical documents at the offices of their healthcare providers.

HIPAA permits healthcare providers to retain certain kinds of medical records, including:

  1. Medical reports that the doctor believes could adversely impact your life, your safety, or the safety of another individual. 
  2. If your demand for medical records is rejected, the providers must issue you a denial letter. You can appeal the denial in some circumstances. Contact the lab or hospital directly rather than your primary care practitioner if you require particular lab tests or hospitalization documents.

When can you expect to receive your medical records?

Medical practitioners are encouraged by HIPAA to produce copies of health records within 30 days of your application. If the requested document takes more than thirty days to reach you, the medical provider must give you an explanation for the delay.

Submit a claim after a vehicle accident. You must show that the collision caused your injuries, not a previous medical condition. Your medical records can be used as solid evidence to support your claim.