Handy Space Saving Ideas for Your Home


If you find yourself running out of room for your furniture, or you just feel like you need an extra bit of space, there are plenty of ways to maximize the space and storage that you have. You do not need to move or invest in expensive extensions, there are many cost-effective and simple ways to make the most of your home. From storage units to pull out pantries, here are just a couple of ideas to get you started!

Storage Units

One of the simplest ways to make more room is to remove things. This is great if you want to declutter, donate or sell unwanted items, but what about the items you want to keep? If you have furniture or belongings that have sentimental or monetary value, or you are saving for the future, you can head to http://www.storagearea.com to find storage options and units near you. You can then keep your items safe and secure for as long as you need to, without taking up valuable room in your home.


To maximize the storage space in your kitchen, why not try using a pull-out pantry. This can help free up wall and cupboard space and offers a nifty storage option for smaller kitchens, or those with an unconventional shape. You can buy them ready made, or try making your own to really get your perfect fit. This is a really adaptable option for kitchen storage, as it can be used to fill those awkward sized gaps that are too small for shelves or drawers, but are too large to be ignored.


Make some use out of your staircase by installing some drawers in the steps. This is a brilliant and discreet way to store your belongings, as long as you keep them closed and tidy at all times! Furniture that is 2-in-1 is your best friend when it comes to increasing space and storage in your home. If you already have to have stairs in your home, why not make the most of them?


This is one of the easiest and most cost-effective space saving options available. Using hooks can help to free up floor or closet space and make use of your walls or doors. There are also numerous different types and designs. You may choose to nail them to the walls or back of doors as a permanent fixture. If you are renting, hooks that hang over a door can be a great temporary option that will not leave any marks. You can also use them in different rooms, such as your kitchen for hanging cookware, or your bathroom to keep your towels off the floor!


Another adaptable and low-cost option, suction cup shelves are brilliant, especially for bathrooms. If you are lacking areas to keep your sponges or toiletries, these can be stuck to the tiles, mirror, shower screen or window to provide cheap and movable storage options. They can also keep your bathroom or kitchen looking tidy and prevent your items from soaking in water all day and getting ruined.

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