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How to Hide Your IP address and keep yourself save in the world of piracy?


The IP in IP address stands for Internet Protocol. It’s the identifying number of any internet connection. When you get access to the internet through your internet service provider, they assign an IP address to your internet connection.


Example of the valid IP address

  • 123.231.121
  • – An IP address signed by Google.
  • – An IP address assigned to Harvard University.

How to Hide Ip Address?

There are many ways to hide the Ip addresses on the web.

Use Online Tool to hide your Ip

There are many ways to hide IP Address for yourself one is using the better tools on the web like Hide Ip. It’s a great tool and works flawlessly to hide your IP.

Use Proxy Server

Proxy servers act as moderators in the routing of your data packets. They connect your information, by intercepting your traffic. Your system sends your request to the go-between server that creates your request and returns your asked website like Keep Ip address Hidden

Connect to Public Wi-Fi

It is neither effective nor efficient just like using mobile data. There are many vulnerabilities while connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. In 2015 over half a billion personal information and confidential records were stolen and lost due to connecting over any deceiving open Wi-Fi network.

Reasons to Hide Your IP Address

You can hide your IP address by taking on another IP address that can’t be traced back to you. Below, we’ll give you ten reasons why a lot of people hide or change their IP addresses. More importantly, we’ll tell you how you can hide your own IP address.

  • Access Netflix and other streaming services wherever you are

  • Visit websites without revealing your identity

  • Protect yourself against spies and hackers

  • Use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely

  • Access geographically blocked websites and content

Final thought

Your IP address is the identification number of your internet connection. With this number, websites, governments, hackers, and others can link your online activity to your location and identity. There are many reasons to hide your IP address. Most importantly, it increases your anonymity online, makes browsing the internet a lot safer, and ensures your internet freedom.