Internet Technology

How will 5G technology is going to affect Cybercrime?

It is inevitable to keep up with technology, as it advances by leaps and bounds, and we cannot lag
behind. There is already talk of 5G technology (fifth generation). It seems that we have recently become
familiar with 4G technology and we must move on to the next one.

High speed technology

Apparently, we like speed in every order of things, we cannot settle for going at a prudent speed,
everything has to be fast, even or especially the internet. We want to download movies, files, videos,
send messages, etc. as quickly as possible, that’s why 5G technology arrives.

What is 5G?

We will give a simple and brief explanation of this new technology, relying on an article on the Gizmodo

How will 5G technology affect Cybercrime

The “G” means Generation, therefore, it is the fifth generation. Everything started with 1G, and at the
beginning of the 90s it had already expanded to 2G, this technology allowed the mobile user to send

SMS, later 3G arrived, where calls could already be made, text messages and surf the internet, the 4G
improved the existing by adding more speed.
As nothing stops in technology, companies added the LTE (long-term evolution, in Spanish) to 4G
technology. This allowed for greater speed and to be a more consistent modality.
The 5G will be implemented on the foundations that the 4G LTE has created. This technology will allow
us to do everything we can do on the mobile so far, but at a faster, radically higher speed. The 5G will
make it easier for people to download and upload content Ultra HD and 3D video. As an example, an
entire HD movie can be downloaded in a matter of seconds, which used to take an hour.
At present, the transmission speed of the 4G LTE reaches up to gigabit per second, but rarely the full
speed can be used, since there are interruptions in the signal, whether by buildings, microwaves, other
Wi-Fi signals, etc. The 5G will increase the download speed by up to 10 gigabits per second.
Specifically, 5G technology will allow the network to provide the connectivity needs it needs to power
hundreds of thousands of connected devices in homes and workplaces.

Check how will 5G technology affect Cybercrime?

According to the CybersecurityPyme page, with the arrival of 5G technology, it will be difficult to trace
criminals, especially cybercriminals.

The director of Europol, Catherine de Bolle, has assured that this new technology will make the task of
locating and monitoring cybercriminals complicated, since these networks “disperse the data in many
elements of the system.” He asserts that, “the authorities do not yet have the necessary technology to
control these networks.”
Unfortunately, experts in Cybersecurity, fear that this new technology, and especially the lack of
preparation before it, causing a new wave of cybercrime.

Are we prepared for the arrival of 5G technology?

According to the NecOtium page, the race to implant 5G technology has already started all over the
world, despite that, entrepreneurs still see it far away. This was done by a study conducted by Accenture
among 1,800 executives from ten countries, including Spain.


53% of respondents believe that there are very few things that 5G coverage will allow them to do that
they can no longer do with 4G networks.
35% expect 5G coverage to produce a “revolutionary” change in the speed and capacity of networks.

There is a great lack of knowledge about the new technology, 72% of executives say they need help to
imagine the future possibilities of 5G.


There is still time to fully implement the new technology, but entrepreneurs should not sleep on the
laurels, since at least they think they will have to be using the new technology and doing big business.
Without going any further, Spain has already begun to conduct the first auction of the frequency band,
on which the new technology will be deployed. Even Vodafone has begun its pre-commercial
deployment in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Bilbao and Valencia.
As we can see, 5G is coming, but there are still a few years to know its full potential. Whether or not we
are prepared for the arrival of the new technology, we want it to arrive. It will always offer us a huge
range of possibilities, all very interesting.
So that you do not fall behind in the formation of new technologies, academic programs have been
developed according to the demands of the labor market, highlighting some such as the Master in
Cybersecurity, taught by INISEG. In particular, thanks to a focus primarily on computer engineering and
cybersecurity practices.