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Lead Generation Agencies That Will Help You Boost Your Sales


Fresh leads are the lifeblood of any business, so how can a company ensure a steady stream of quality leads when operations, logistics, and other necessary tasks consume the workday? Thankfully, many companies exist that can help boost sales through lead generation.  

5 Lead Generation Companies to Help Boost Sales

Whether it’s cold calling, data collection, or customer management, Lead Generation agencies offer various services to help increase sales and reach a variety of business objectives. Here are five companies to consider.


CIENCE uses its Orchestrated Outbound program to build relationships with potential customers. With a combination of AI, Machine Learning, and their proprietary software platform, CIENCE provides each client with an individualized, targeted account list. 

This agency offers a People as a Service (PaaS) model, so clients collaborate directly with the CIENCE Sales Development team to strategize and execute a tailored business plan.

CIENCE offers four pricing packages, including: 

  • SDR Team
  • Inbound SDR
  • Data – Custom Sales Research
  • CRM Migration & Integration

Each SDR (Sales Development Representative) at CIENCE holds at least one sales certification. The combination of advanced technology with human oversight will help you maintain a steady stream of qualified leads

Launch Leads

Launch Leads offers B2B lead generation solutions for top-of-funnel sales needs and has worked with various industries.

Their core tenets framework provides a cyclical process designed to help businesses break through status quo performance. These four tenets include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Multi-variable testing
  • Performance evaluation
  • Campaign optimization

Services include lead qualification, appointment setting, creating hyper-targeted lead lists, dead lead revival, and lead nurturing. Launch Leads focuses on effective appointment setting with strategies tailored to specific customers and industries.


Upcall’s services include real phone calls, texts, and email conversations with potential customers. They’re trusted by brands such as Farmer’s Insurance, Airbnb, LG, and Coldwell Bankers.

They offer services for every part of the buyer’s journey, from cold calling prospects to cultivating existing relationships and improving customer experience. Services fall into four main categories:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification 
  • Market Research
  • Customer Engagement

Upcall also covers compliance requirements to ensure all calls are authorized and of high quality. 


The mission of LeadGenius is to connect B2B sales and marketing organizations with prospects via unique and personalized data sets. They’ve worked with industry leaders such as Indeed, Citrix, PayPal, and Square. 

LeadGenius provides one powerful solution that combines:

  • B2B Data
  • Data Outsourcing
  • Robotic Process Automation

The two products LeadGenius offers are Flow and DataHub. 

Flow is a browser extension that serves as an automation assistant. This tool can help you identify and automate workflows and identify repetitive tasks consuming your team’s time throughout the day. DataHub is a self-service data tool to facilitate data acquisition and analysis.

Outbound View

Although they work with a variety of clients, Outbound View specializes in the niches of GovTech (targeting government employees at all levels), HR buyers, and learning and training companies. 

Outbound View offers a variety of products depending on your needs and goals:

  • Launch
  • Scale
  • EventPro
  • BuyerMovement
  • Buyer Intent Data
  • Data Teams

Every business has unique needs. Whether looking to develop a product launch, drive attendance to an event, or re-engage past clients,  Outbound View has a service specific to each of these goals.


In today’s competitive market, businesses of all sizes need to spend their time efficiently and effectively. Having quality leads is more important than having a high quantity of leads.

From email marketing to cold calling data analysis, Lead Generation companies can offer targeted approaches to provide qualified leads that will help increase sales and grow businesses.

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