A Realtors Marketing Toolbox

A Realtors Marketing Toolbox

Real estate is a large and highly competitive market. Thus, as a realtor, it is imperative to stand out among the rest. However, you may be unsure of marketing solutions you can use to maximize and practically grow your business. Remember, the effectiveness of your marketing efforts will determine the growth and success of your business. Here are tools you must have in your marketing toolbox to grow your business beat your rivals: 


As a Realtor, you should be active on Facebook. This platform enables you to strengthen relationships with your previous clients. Moreover, Facebook allows you to connect with prospects and other stakeholders who may help your business grow beyond your imagination. 

Facebook will allow you to create awareness about your brand and the solutions you have for your target audience. Posting informative and professional content on your Facebook page often will keep your followers informed and engaged.

This marketing tool can also help in lead generation. It allows you to reach a wide scale of potential clients and convert them into buyers. Besides, Facebook features make it easier for you to advertise your property to a specific audience within a particular location without breaking your bank.

How you take care of your customers’ needs and the quality of service you offer determines your success. Facebook allows you to enhance your customer service delivery. Using it will enable you to serve and respond to your clients without delay. It also grants you an opportunity to cultivate long-term connections with your customers, increasing your repeat business chances. 

Zillow Premier Agent App

Zillow Premier Agent App is a great tool to grow your real estate business. It helps you to empower your audience with helpful information and draw them to your business. Using it will give you access to exclusive features that will improve your online visibility and reinforce a live connection with your clients. 

Zillow Premier Agent App enables you to track searched, viewed, and saved homes. It also allows personalized communication with your real estate business clients. Moreover, by using Zillow, you can schedule tasks, set reminders, and notifications through your mobile device, which will keep you on your toes and ensure you do not miss out on important appointments or projects.

Through Zillow Premier Agent App, you can choose where to grow your business. It is one of the highly trafficked platforms to optimize your lead generation and enjoy personal branding. 

 Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is a direct mail marketing solution for realtors. It is an incredible platform that allows you to connect with prospects in a specific geographical area directly. By incorporating other tools with Wise Pelican like postcard templates for real estate and mail list builders, you can gain a competitive edge in your target market. 

Real estate postcards give your prospects an overview of your property. Using this tool allows you to connect with your potential customers on a personal level. Moreover, it enhances trust, which is an essential aspect of business dealings. 

Mail list builder allows you to build a customized mailing list. This list-builder tool gives you a chance to target a specific audience based on a particular condo in the area. By targeting particular zones and promoting property surrounding that geographical location, you will draw spontaneous attention to individuals interested in that market area. Thus, you will have higher chances of making sales. 

Wise Pelican is a user-friendly and automated platform you can use to nurture leads for a long time. Use it to communicate with your target market and cultivate a good reputation for your real estate business. 

Instagram – IGTV

Instagram – IGTV has gained popularity in real estate marketing. It is a simple way for realtors to show off their property. Use it to display your projects effortlessly in less than 60 seconds through your mobile device. 

Moreover, Instagram – IGTV grants you a chance to share your video content to a broad market. You can upload multiple pictures and videos about your business on Instagram, which enables you to expand your market and grow your online presence. 

Real Geeks

Real Geeks is a user-friendly marketing solution for real estate agents for nurturing and converting leads into sales. Remember, first impression matters, and being in a modern business world, you must ensure your website is appealing to your visitors. That is why you need Real Geeks. You can develop and publish a site that will draw potential leads to your business using this platform. 

Real Geeks allows you to describe your brand in an appealing way. Besides, it sends lead generation alerts, making it possible to communicate with your prospects in real-time. You can track all your lead engagements, schedule appointments, and keep a record of your potential customers through this tool.


YouTube is an incredible platform for realtors to create awareness and increase your client base. This marketing tool has gained popularity over the years. It is used by both consumers and businesses, making it also an ideal solution for you. You can meet lots of potential clients on YouTube.

A video on YouTube showing off your property can earn you a great deal. Besides, it is a cost-effective way to enhance your brand publicity and demonstrate the upcoming soon projects. Investing quality time in filming a good video of your property is rewarding for your real estate business. 

People out there want to know who they are dealing with before making any purchasing decisions. YouTube gives you an opportunity to create awareness of your brand, nurture market trust, and demonstrate your abilities. Moreover, this platform allows you to target a comprehensive market and focus your interests on specific demographics. It gives you that capability to show up your ads to your targeted audience.

These tools will make your real estate business successful. Using them will save you time and money. There are other multiple marketing tools you can consider as a realtor. However, taking time to decide what suits you and your business needs will create a difference between you and your competitors. Ensure you use tools that will scale your business to greater levels and help you stand out from the rest regardless of the competition.