Trending Apps Developed Using Xamarin Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform app development is considered to be the biggest advantage of the present world. This is making companies run to target the audience on both the top platforms – Android and iOS. As a result, it has managed to generate a good amount of revenue.

There are so many advantages of going for cross-platform apps that are making leading companies hire Xamarin developers. Whether it is the manufacturing sector, hospitality industry, or even the gaming domain, everyone is going for the mobile app development for cross-platform.

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There are a number of industries that are opting for the cross-platform app development with Xamarin potential sector. To give you an idea about it, here are the topnotch mobile apps in the market that are ruling the sector developed using Xamarin.

1: MRW

If you are not aware of MRW then let us explain a bit to you. It is an international express transport company based in Spain that operates in 1,300 franchises around Gibraltar, Andorra, Portugal, Spain, and Venezuela. 

The MRW app offers the service to 2,500 concurrent users that take leverage of the service. The app was first available on the Windows platform and later is adopted on the Android as well. What makes it different is no major difference in its native performance on both the platforms.

There is no need to write the whole code again in the Android platform to develop the MRW app. Instead, Xamarin was used to reuse the code and use existing skill sets. It is stated that the iOS app will be soon launched with code-sharing going to 90%.

2: Olo

It is a food ordering app that is developed using Xamarin that manages the delivery of the food from the restaurants to the clients. It keeps the track of the food delivery activities from the start (ordering) till the delivery. 

The app is a single-window interface that is a great platform to satiate the hunger of the clients. Olo works with approximately 150 restaurants and offers personalized services to them with over 30 million end-users. 

The restaurants can carter to the services easily using DevOps to enhance customer engagement and work smoothly.

3: Skulls of the Shogun

This is an arcade game that focuses on strategies and is launched for Xbox, Steam, Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Windows 10. The popular game works on the 17-bit that is slowly expanding the user base. 

The code was developed for the Android platform with the help of Monogame and Xamarin. On top of that, the app is one of the most liked games with the multiplayer game-play shared backend. The best thing is that it targets several consoles and platforms to enhance the overall development process.

4: Insightly

The app is all about project management and CRM as a comprehensive form. The different verticals focus on on-stop solutions to ensure that app development is done perfectly. It is the best way to monetize the app and ensure that all the data is updated properly. 

Xamarin platform is the majorly used one by the mobile app development company due to its compatible nature with Android and iOS devices.  These apps are just a few that are more than enough to give us insight on what it holds for us and how it will help us in the future.

Do you have some exciting app examples? Feel free to share them in the comment section.