Shoes for Every Event: 10 Stylish Pairs to Buy On Your Next Shopping Spree


Does this scenario seem familiar? Every time you go out, you always wear the same pair of shoes despite having loads of shoes on the shelf? It seems you always have to pick that pair of shoes because they go along with every outfit. If so, then it might not be a surprise to you to know that wearing the same pair of shoes whenever you go out will eventually result in your shoes being worn out. 

We get it; it’s hard not to choose those black or white sneakers at the end of contemplating what to wear. However, to prolong those shoes’ longevity and have more and better options, it may be time to add the ten types of shoes mentioned below to your next trip to the mall! Don’t fret; this page will guide you on wearing these pairs and make yourself stand out against the crowd!

Did you know that uggs are so easy to add to your outfit? Not only do uggs make you comfortable and warm throughout the day, but it’s also the perfect addition to a winter outfit! You can pair uggs with your favorite winter sweater, bonnet, leggings, or jeans, and you’re good to go!

Additionally, just like any outfit, there is no age limit to wearing a pair of uggs. Get your pair at to keep those feet warm when you go out or if you’re chilling at home. On this website, you’ll find a wide variety to choose from! 

  • Flats

Any woman has gone through a phase where they wore nothing but flats. Well, these pairs are now back in style! Why wouldn’t it? It’s feminine, comfortable, and has numerous designs, patterns, and colors you could choose from! 

You can go from casual to formal with the right pair of flats. Find the right team that makes you comfortable; some flats do not have a heel and those with only a low heel.

  • Flip-flops

Flip-lips are one thing that people will always bring to the beach. They’re the perfect footwear to slip on when you’re walking on the sandy beach. You can never go wrong with flip-flops for your trip to the beach! Also, it has numerous designs, patterns, and colors! It’s comfortable, and you can turn your beach outfit into something stylish with a pair of flip-flops.

  • Oxfords

If you want an elegant and professional look, a pair of oxfords are the way to go! You may look like a professor while walking on campus because of these types of shoes. They symbolize neatness due to the closed lacing under the vamp. These shoes are foot-friendly so that means you can wear them even if you have to walk! It’s also flat-heeled and makes any user appear sophisticated.

  • Wedges

Do your feet hurt when you wear stilettos or other sharp sandals? If so, you can achieve the same elegant and stylish look with a pair of wedges. It won’t hurt your feet, but you’ll still feel confident throughout the day. 

Just like any of the shoes mentioned on this page, you have a wide variety of options! Wedges come in cork wedges, wedges with straps, simple pearls, and denim wedges. Wedges gained popularity in the 90s, and it’s now coming back into the fashion industry in 2021! 

  • Jelly Shoes

Jelly shoes were famous during the 1980s. It’s casual footwear during this time. Just like flats, almost everyone has a history with this type of shoes. You may want to relive those moments when you wore this simple type of shoes.

  • Sneakers

Everyone has a pair of sneakers; most wear this because of the comfort it brings. It’s simple, lightweight, but it completes any look. Additionally, there are numerous options you can choose from that vary in color, design, pattern, etc. 

Sneakers are your best friend if you plan on walking the city throughout the day because of their comfortability. It’s the appropriate footwear for most situations, especially a lazy afternoon!

  • Slingback

These resemble strap heels because of the sling, but it’s different; the string of a slingback is fastened to one’s feet in front of their foot. Slingbacks are simple, but they’re incredibly feminine. Also, you can wear it in a professional setting because of its elegant appearance.

  • Mules

Mules are relatively new to the footwear industry. It’s closed off in front, and the back of one’s feet is exposed. It’s similar to slide-ins, but mules give off a much more sophisticated style. It’s perfect for a casual dinner with your peers.

  • Stocking Boots

By its name, you can guess how long these boots are without looking at a picture. It reaches up to one’s thigh. Compared to most of the shoes on the market, stocking boots are a new type of shoe. 

Additionally, you may already have seen these boots when you view pictures of celebrities on the red carpet or when one goes to a party with friends. It’s the perfect addition to a mini skirt since it reaches one’s thigh. 


Say goodbye to those shoes you keep wearing (for a while) and say hello to the shoes mentioned above! These types of shoes will spice up your outfit, and you won’t have to worry about any of these shoes wearing out since, granted, you’ll be alternating from the different shoes you’ve bought – that’s how stylish these shoes are and how they complete your look.

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