Tips for Choosing Healthy Cookware

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The copper pot is a product that has been around since ancient times. Therefore, this cooking utensil must be familiar with the community. Even so, there is various information about cooking utensils, not only copper pans but also cooking utensils from various other metals that are useful for us to know. This time the Metal Profy will discuss cooking utensils based on the various metals they are made of, especially around copper pans.

Before looking at the information about copper pans, which is usually a concern of metal cookers is the effect of metal on the food that is cooked when consumed. So that the body’s health factor in using metal cooking utensils is one that must be known. How to choose cooking utensils to keep it safe for the human body?

Know the Characteristics of Metal Materials

The type of metal used to cook food consists of various metals such as copper. So, what are the characteristics of these various types of metal when used as cooking utensils? This needs attention to determine the impact on body health. All metals are relatively the same in terms of conducting heat. All of them conduct heat well and ensure food is cooked through. But among these various materials, there are other factors such as the weight and strength of the metal. If the metal used is lightweight such as aluminum but is easily eroded or melts, then the indication of pollution is higher. So, know the characteristics of the metal material.

Know the Effect of Ingredients on Cookware

Compared to metal type cookware, what is actually more worrying are plastic or glass cookware. Because if you see, plastic and glass materials are more vulnerable, for example melting. Of course, this will affect the ingredients that are cooked. Talking about metal cooking utensils such as copper pans, the indication of pollution can be said to be smaller than plastic materials, for example. However, cooking ingredients that have high acidity levels can erode metal materials. Therefore, pay attention to the safety of cooking utensils based on the ingredients you are cooking.

Know how to care for cooking utensils so as not to contaminate food

From various information about cookware, glass cookware is known to be the easiest to clean from sticky stains. Meanwhile, another slightly easier is plastic cooking utensils. However, it is a little more difficult to clean sticky stains from metal cookware. Even though metal cookware requires a lot more effort in cleaning and maintaining it, this activity is not impossible to do. Metal cookware can still be cleaned and maintained. However, pay attention to how to care for metal cookware, one of which, for example, so that it does not scuff and create food contamination.

Ensure Wearability

Even though it has ensured the quality of cooking utensils and its safety for health, it still has a useful life. Metal cutlery that is too old may need repair because it is no longer safe to use. This is what is meant by ensuring wearability.