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The justice system does not only rely on judges, attorneys, and paralegals to assure fair treatment for all. To assure the impartial carriage of justice, you will also see court reporters serving as an integral part of the system. Baca Raton court reporting services prove indispensable because they offer accuracy of records. Apart from superhuman typing skills, you will find that all court reporters possess keen attention to detail and fast mental processing. After all, they need these skills to ensure truthful documentation of all hearings.

Unfortunately, this job doesn’t often get recognized. In fact, it may be a career that you have never considered because not much is said regarding this profession. However, in reality, the legal system cannot work well without court reporters. On top of that, members of a Boca Raton court reporting services firm receive above-average remuneration.

Hence, this clearly offers an excellent career path for young adults who will join the labor force. Similarly, it serves as an excellent alternative for those looking to shift careers. So, keep on reading this article as it sheds like on court reporting services. With the right knowledge, you can learn more about this unique job and assess if it will fit your career goals.

What Does a Court Reporter Do?

Typically, a Boca Raton court reporting services firm employs a qualified court reporter who has undergone training and certification. In this job, a court reporter works hard to transcribe the spoken statement or testimony in the following instances:

  • Court hearings
  • Trials
  • Depositions
  • Arbitration cases
  • Other official meetings

Additionally, certified court reporters also have the chance to do work outside the courtroom. Typically, you will find them providing closed-captioning or subtitles for certain events. In essence, they help the deaf community, including those who have struggled with hearing. For example, a court reporter can also work in the following:

  • Media events
  • Conferences
  • Office meetings
  • Conventions
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • One on one assistance
  • Educational settings

Why are Court Reporters Important to Society?

If you decide to embark on this career path, you will be part of a rewarding profession that helps society. Since ancient times, court reporting has served the people. For example, during the Roman Empire, the likes of Julius Caesar and Pontius Pilate had scribes with feather ink pens writing their commands. Apart from helping serve justice, the art of documentation plays a vital component in building up nations and societies.

Thus, even until this day, if you choose to be a part of a Boca Raton court reporting services firm, you hold the following responsibilities:

  • Documenting word-for-word transcripts
  • Providing accurate materials to all parties
  • Giving impartial and fair treatment to everyone
  • Offering supportive assistance to those with auditory problems
  • Playing the role as a good citizen of your locality
  • Becoming a helpful community member


What Does the Job Entail?

In the olden days, Boca Raton court reporting services had no choice but to utilize shorthand writing skills to transcribe the spoken word. Now, thanks to tech advancements, a court reporter can use a high-tech steno machine. This tool provides 22 phonic buttons in a modified keyboard for fast typing.

Notably, any person who stays on this career path must know the steno theory. Additionally, court reporters are expected to type at least 225 words per minute. Accuracy of work must also fall within 95% correctness because there is no room for mistakes in the administration of justice. Those who want to command higher pay must work on certifications and bump up their typing speed to 260 words per minute.

How Does One Become a Certified Court Reporter?

If you want to be affiliated with a Boca Raton court reporting services team to enjoy a rewarding career with good pay and benefits, you must first get your education. You need an associate’s degree from a college or take a court reporting certificate program online. Check out the how-to become one below:

  1. Undertake post-secondary education.

You will find many programs online and in-campus that offer transcription training. You can complete some within 6 months for those in baseline positions. However, if you want to command more pay and become certified, a 2-year course is the most comprehensive. It includes the following learning areas:

  • Steno theory and concepts
  • Technical dictation
  • How to handle voice writing tech
  • Proper courtroom procedures
  • Practice typing to improve speed and accuracy
  • Legal jargon and other common terminologies
  • Practical training with companies for experience
  1. Obtain needed licenses.

Requirements vary from state to state, so it would be prudent to check. However, you can command a higher rate with proper accreditation. To obtain them, you may be required to be a notary public, pass the state board, and perform well in qualifying exams.

  1. Beef up credentials with certificates.

Voluntary certifications will improve your credentials. You can get them from the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association) or the NVRA (National Verbatim Reporters Association). The two groups offer different levels of certifications. For example, the NCRA offers the following tiers with different qualifying exams:

  • Registered Professional Reporter
  • Registered Merit Reporter
  • Diplomate Reporter
  1. Freelance or find a firm.

After studying and getting the necessary licenses, you can apply directly to the courts and other agencies. You also have the option of doing freelance work. Contractual work offers flexibility, and at times, you can even work from home. Contractors have varying rates based on the given project. In contrast, full-time court reporters can command a rate from $41,000 to $75,000. In fact, those with higher certificates receive offers exceeding a hundred thousand dollars.

Remember, if you want to continue to excel in this noble profession, you must continue your education. You can earn more credits and experience by attending symposiums, conferences, workshops, and other events. If you find yourself possessing a strong affinity for words, this is a perfect job for you. You must be a good listener and observer to excel in this field.

Finally, you must possess the ability to work with grace under pressure. After all, courtroom hearings and other meetings are often intense. You must also factor in stringent deadlines that must be met. But, once again, you will be doing these things to ensure justice prevails. Are you ready to face these kinds of challenges? Then you must study hard and train well to join this financially rewarding and fulfilling profession.

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