Top 7 Best Alternatives of RainierLand To Watch Movies Online


Rainierland has been one of the old free site to premier movies and streams the tv shows online. But it also faces copyright issues because the content available on it is mostly pirated, so sometimes the website may be down due to attacks from the authorities. Rainierland interface is just like Netflix with all the current new movies, and top movies and tv shows appear at the start of the home page, and different genre options can be selected to choose for a specific storyline movie. This site has a lot of attention because it has very few ads on it, and the movies or videos can be found in good quality, such as 720p resolution. But what happens if the site is taken down or you cant access rainierland due to some technical issues?

Is Safe To Use?

Mainly people who do not have money to pay to the streaming sites to watch movies and other option, use rainierland pages to pass their time or enjoy it. If you are not one of them, then try paid one because security is a concern for you then.
I can not consider it safe for anybody. In case, please install a paid or free version of any antivirus to secure your data to internet threats. It is easy to get the antivirus on the internet due to numerous choices.

Alternatives Site to Rainierland

Here are the few alternatives to rainierland which you may find interesting to solve your problems in watching online movies


This Soap2day website ranks top and deserves the top position on the list because of its huge collection of movie records.Soap2day site has been updated to a new version that seems to have the users bewildering about but is easy to browse.The movie and TV sections can be browsed straight from the home page.The website is almost like a library with the collection of the latest and classic releases of movies. Though most of the users are used to the earlier version of Soap2day, the new version has some amazing highlights you can’t miss.

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Putlocker was launched in 2011, and it became one of the most widely used streaming sites. We can say it is the best alternatives of rainierland. The best part of this movie and TV series streaming website is that it has a wide variety, and you will have plenty of mirror forums at least more than 50 mirrors to choose from, so the availability is never an issue on this source. It has an efficient interface and prominent extensive search bar that helps you easily find a movie that you are looking for.


Fmovies is an another best alternatives of rainierland. It was created in 2016, and it became one of the top streaming sites due to lightweight site and easy interface for the viewers with high quality streaming videos and movies. The main navigation bar lets you sort the movies by trending titles or tv shows or the latest movies or on the basis of IMDB ratings as well.


 Xmovies8 has a clean interface, which is mainly the reason for its popularity and usage. It also streams HD movies like rainierland and has no ads. On the main menu is the list of all the movies and tv shows with different genres which you can also arrange according to your choice from the submenu, you can select manually to display a specific genre movie only. There is also a tabbed menu through which you can change your server for a better streaming experience.


 It has one of the robust and excellent interfaces from the streaming websites. The main page has all the movies listed according to the date they were uploaded. So it is easier for you to pick your favorite blockbusters from any year. There is a page numbering sector at the bottom of the page from where you can navigate to more movies section and look for more movies. It keeps itself up to date with the latest movies like rainierland and also the air date of new episodes yet to come online. It also has a request page where you can submit your request for a specific addition of a movie.

Free movie cinema

 Free movie cinema is another good alternative of rainierland. This streaming site is different from all other sites because it hosts independent short films from all genres. It cant be considered as a direct replacement for rainierland because it doesn’t offer that much high-quality entertainment. Some genres here are specifically handpicked by the users to select a movie of their choice, and the interface is quite easy to use. It also does not have any ads popping up on the home page. There are no memberships or downloads required to play or watch a movie; you just do it with a simple click.

Sling TV

 Sling tv is owned by Dish Network, and it was launched in 2015. It had a great function of subscription video-on-demand services for users. It has three tiers, and it has prices for each tier. The orange tier includes 34 channels with a cost of $25 having different entertainment channels. The blue offers 49 channels at the same price, but it has informative channels such as discovery, sports, etc. the orange and blue is the hybrid of both, and it is the best package of $40 each month with a total of 56 channels provided.


Netflix has crossed over 130 million memberships all over the world and has become the world’s leading internet entertainment service. We can say it is the topmost alternative to rainierland. It has a variety of movies, tv documentaries, and shows. Subscribers can watch and view around a variety of more than 3600 movies and more than 800 of the tv shows. It also has premium services for its customers that provide Ultra HD videos and movies and charges an additional $16 for that to the customers. And the basic streaming is for at least $9 per month. Netflix is most widely used because the interface is the simplest and easy to navigate through, and the search options are very reliable and user friendly. So customers are attracted to it other than most of the streaming sites.


That’s all about rainierland and it’s the best alternatives. If you guys still have confusion, you can ask us in the comment box. We will get back to you ASAP!

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