User Monitoring Software Or Invasion Of Employee Privacy


User activity monitoring software allows managers and administrators to oversee and record employee and third-party users’ real-time activity on connected devices, company networks, and monitored workstations.

It is becoming more prevalent with work cultures being much more relaxed and internet open access increasing for there to be internal misuse of various company resources.If you are having an issue regarding the finding the best talent then must find some good executive search firms Portland Oregon

With the implementation of user activity monitoring software, companies are able to be more efficient through tracking their employees’ online activities to ensure that resources are being used in the appropriate manner and allow them to stop any type of activity deemed as suspicious that could potentially put the organization in harm’s way.

What About Privacy For the Employees?

User activity monitoring software is very beneficial for the employer, but how does it affect the employee as far as privacy? In most privacy regulations, the general approach is to balance the reasonable expectations of the employee as far as privacy to the justifiable right that the employer has as far as monitoring their business operations.

What comes into play, aside from the law, are ethical ideals as far as how much respect should an employee be warranted from their employer.

Taking advantage of the top-tier monitoring systems’ privacy-related features is a crucial step that organizations need to implement in order to stay within proper privacy guidelines allowing that they achieve their goal of monitoring the activities without causing undue ill-will with their staff.

  • A better session activity recording system:

    will make it simple for the employer to record selectively specific applications or sites for audit or security reasons while maintaining a semblance of privacy for the employee.

    As a base, employers should steer clear of recording sites that are of a more personal nature such as social networks and those that show confidential information such as medical appointments.

    But tracking how often these sites are visited and how long the visits are is completely different. That would then become a human resource issue.  It is important to inform employees what is and what isn’t being monitored and how it’s monitored.

  • Disclosure:

    The recording software needs to clearly show a person using the system that all activity is being recorded each time that person logs onto the server.

  • Dual password:

    Some employee jurisdictional privacy rules dictate that session recording systems provide a mechanism allowing for two separate passwords before it will replay the recorded video.

    Once this option has been activated, the session is only able to be played back with two independent passwords either belonging to an IT administrative personnel and one of an employee representative such as legal counsel or union rep or even HR manager.


Every business should be looking at the best ways to implement activity monitoring software into their organization for the safety, security, and success of the future of the company, while also looking at the best way to do so in a manner that offers protection and respect to each of the employee’s privacy. This way the system works for everyone involved.

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