Using Technology to Secure Your Home


The security and safety of the home are becoming more and more important to homeowners across the world. With massive increases in technology across a wide range of sectors – there’s no surprise that there have been massive enhancements in terms of the ways that you can secure your home and increase your security. It’s highly important that you take your security into consideration so read on to find out more about the awesome and innovative products that can massively increase your overall security.

This article is written by A.P.E Fire & Security. We are one of the leading installers of fire alarms in Bristol and have installed a large number of advanced security systems using the latest technology.

Why It’s Important to Increase Your Security

There are a number of reasons as to why you will want to increase your home security and some reasons may not be as obvious as you might think! Expect to enjoy the following when you install an advanced system or make the decision to install your first security system.

  • Expect to save money on bills when looking at home insurance when you invest in a security system. The more advanced the system – the more potential savings can be made.

  • Systems such as fire detection systems and CCTV systems are highly advanced and completely increase your security. Remote monitoring, 24/7 operation and even just having a clear system installed will defend your home.

  • The safety of your family is likely high on your agenda. Investing in security systems improves their safety – especially while you may not be present at your property. If you go away on holiday and you again aren’t at your property – you will have the peace of mind that you can monitor your home wherever you are

Installing Fire Monitoring Systems

Although fire alarm systems are often attributed to larger buildings such as schools, business premises, factories or other large scale areas – your home can benefit immensely from the installation of a fire monitoring or fire alarm system. You can also expect to see reductions in your home insurance costs and premiums because of the fact that you have taken fire safety and security into account and installed systems to mitigate the risk of fire. You can also install items such as carbon monoxide alarms near gas appliances to further your defences and detection systems.

CCTV Monitoring of Your Property

CCTV systems have become a staple in terms of public and private surveillance. Being widely utilised in shops, business premises and other areas – your home can also expect to benefit from installing a CCTV system. These systems have now become highly advanced and can provide superior picture quality and other benefits. You can choose to opt for exterior surveillance so that the front or vulnerable areas of your property are protected as well as monitored. Internal CCTV systems can be used to monitor the security of your property when you are not there and should intruders gain access – you will have evidence collected to pass onto law enforcement.

Intruder Alarms & Other Security Systems

CCTV can be used in court as evidence so you may also want to think about installing intruder alarms. An intruder alarm is one of the most effective ways of protecting your property. You are also able to install systems that are directly linked to law enforcement or a security company – to ensure rapid response should a burglary or robbery occur in your home. This is one of if not the most effective deterrents for securing your home and ensuring that you have the utmost in intruder detection and protection.