Why WinX Video Converter is the Best Tool to Convert Videos on Windows 10


We are getting many questions like which is the best video converter for windows 10? quite a lot these days. So we decided to check out all the top video converter tools and conclude with you guys which is the best video converter tool that you can use it on your Windows 10 machine. 

We extensively note down all the features it comes to the table and how efficient it handles the video files. That’s said, here is our conclusion. Among all the video converter available in the market Winx video converter is the best video converter tool which you can use right now on any platform including your favorite windows 10.

You may not agree with on this point. But once you know all the features and optimizations that Winx video converter had, you won’t look into any other options. Let us brief you why we are stating Winx video converter is the best video converter tool? that you can get right now. 

Before we start we wish to tell you something, winx video converter is not just a video converter you can do plethora of things using winx video converter. We will try to list down some of the core features which is enough for us to prove that our statement is absolutely correct. Let us begin with the features of Winx video editor which you can’t get in any other video converters in the market. 


  1. It can convert 4K UHD / HD videos to any format you want. You can convert your favorite 4K clips to more than 420 formats which are not possible in any other converter. Now you can convert your high-end 4K video to some MP4 formats so that it can be watchable in all devices. This brings me to the feature number two of this Winx video converter.  
  2. There won’t be any loss in quality while we converting a 4K clip into any other format. Even you can reduce video size by up to 90% without losing any detail and quality in the video. They developed some encoding techniques to do this much compression without loss in quality which is simply nuts and cannot be found in any other converter available in the market. 
  3. You will also get a built-in video editor that you can use for all the 4K editing like trimming some unwanted parts from your videos, merging different videos and you can do all the basic video editing at an instant of time. Even rendering the edited clip takes very less time than some premium video editing softwares because of the hardware acceleration of the Winx video editor.
  4. Talking about hardware acceleration, this is the one unique feature that is not present in any other applications. This is the reason why all the video rendering and conversion process is very effective in the Winx video converter. In our test, it converts an MKV video to MP4 in 4 mins 30 mins which are 40% quicker than the similar video converter in the market. Now you don’t need any other reason for looking for other converters. 
  5. Other than these features there are tons of other features that are not available in any other converter. One important feature is the ability to download online videos from 1000+ sites without any hassle. There is a native video editor that serves you all the immediate editing needs as quickly as possible. 
  6. Also, Winx has a simple user interface which is perfect for all kind of task it offers. You hardly need a click to convert a video to any other format you want which is very minimal. 

So that’s more than enough we guess. After knowing all the features of the Winx video converter, do you have any thoughts other than Winx video converter is the best video converter? If you want to check out the Winx video converter, click the below link and get their trail version for absolutely free.