Your Mobile Ecosystem: Best Mobile OS You Can Consider As Android Alternative


Going away from Android’s ecosystem is a bit difficult, especially if you’ve been an Android user for many years now. But if you’re deciding to transfer to a different operating system, here are some of the best Android alternatives you can find right now.

Apple iOS

Are you tired of Android’s interface? If you’re looking for the best android alternative right now, the best choice out there is Apple’s iOS. The Apple iOS is just simply amazing; every feature that you usually get from Android is in iOS plus other unique features that you’ll only get from an Apple iOS.

There are two top things that you’ll get from iOS that Android couldn’t provide, and that’s a top-notch security system and a blazing fast and smooth user interface. If you haven’t tried iOS, you’ll be in shock at how fast the interface of iOS is. Although, Iphones, which use iOS, aren’t cheap compared to Android Smartphones.

iOS is known because of its very smooth and minimalist interface, which most people like. Furthermore, its security is unrivaled; so far, there’s no virus or any malware that can penetrate through iOS’s system; that’s how excellent iOS’s security is. If you know the full detail about iOS, you can go to


This might be your first time hearing about KaiOS, but it’s one of the world’s most popular operating systems right now. It stands to be the third most used operating system following Android and iOS. The KaiOS is commonly seen in analog types on mobile phones.

The KaiOS started to operate in 2017, and the infamous Linux makes it. Since KaiOS is commonly used by analog mobile phones, it uses less battery life, perfect for people who love to travel outside the grid. KaiOS can also access social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other related apps.

As of now, the KaiOS supports up to 35 mobile phones, which is  more than Apple’s iOS, which is just 18 devices. Examples of mobile phones that are using KaiOS are Nokia 800 Tough, Alcatel Go Flip 3, JioPhone 2, Positivo P70S, MTN Smart, and more. Most of the phones using KaiOS aren’t as popular compared to other OS.

Sirin OS

If you’re looking for an operating system different from other operating systems like Android and iOS, you should check this one out. The Sirin OS isn’t as famous as these other operating systems; nevertheless, it’s still worth its operating system to try. The Sirin OS is the newest operating system; it was just released last 2018.

If you’re into cryptocurrency, then this operating system is perfect for you. Sirin OS is founded by Moshe Hogeg, an Israeli entrepreneur who loves technology and cryptocurrency. Srin OS is highly optimized to cater to cryptocurrency apps and software alike. So, if you’re into cryptocurrency investments, this OS should be the number one on your list.

The Sirin OS has a unique feature wherein it has a proprietary cryptocurrency token conversion service, allowing you to trade any type of crypto coins and tokens automatically. As of now, Sirin OS is still connected with Android, which you can download all the apps you needed since it didn’t even have its App store.

Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu is not far behind with the most leading desktop operating system, such as Windows and Apple OS. Since the competition of Smartphone operating systems is fast-growing, Ubuntu also made its own smartphone OS version which is the Ubuntu Touch, which was just launched in 2013.

If you’ve tried Ubuntu OS on your desktop, you’ll still have the same experience with the Ubuntu Touch on your smartphone. But if you haven’t yet tried Ubuntu operating ever since, using Ubuntu Touch would be a little tricky; nevertheless, it’s still easy to navigate just like other mobile operating systems that you’ve been used to.

Just like other mobile operating systems out there, the Ubuntu Touch also comes with pre-installed main apps such as calendar, clock, browser, dialer, messages, and other core apps that you can find from other mobile operating systems right now. Another thing about Ubuntu Touch is that it’s not connected to any particular phone brand.

Tizen OS

Other than KaiOS, the Tizen is also an operating system made by Linux. Tizen OS supports multiple devices such as mobile phones, TVs, and wearables. One known key feature of Tizen OS is that it’s closely similar to Apple’s iOS, which is fine since iOS is an excellent operating system.

Tizen is an open-source type of operating system, which is why it can support several devices. Another unique feature of Tizen OS is that it can connect to all of its supported devices like connecting your smartphone to your TV or to your smartwatch that runs a Tizen OS. A feature that you won’t usually find in other operating systems right now.

Another feature that Tizen OS excels in its connectivity. Having an open-source platform, Tizen OS is not limited to other OS; it can connect with the App Store. Since not everyone knows about Tizen OS, to share a little information, Samsung’s Z series uses a Tizen OS, which is very amusing.

In A Nutshell 

You don’t need to waste any precious time when it comes to finding the best Android OS alternatives. You can never be mistaken when it comes to choosing between these operating systems. They all provide the best interface, which is amusingly unique in their way.