YouTube Vanced APK download, listen to music on YouTube with the screen off

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If you are an android phone user, which app do you use to listen to music now? I recently discovered a free music app that I’ve been searching for so far, YouTube Vanced. This app supports background playing, playing in a floating window, and downloading YouTube music and videos. Almost all the functions required by YouTube users are included in this App. It’s just that such a powerful App can’t be downloaded on Google Play, so I’ll share youTube Vanced’s functions and download method with you today~ It is highly recommended that every Android user should try it!



Because the YouTube Vanced function is so powerful that it breaks Google play’s rules, you shall not be able to find it on Google Play store. For that we have to install it by downloading the APK. There is a method for downloading at the end of the article, and you can click to download it. And after installation, you don’t need to register any member or log in. Once you enter the app, you can see the main page of YouTube Vanced, full of YouTube videos, and there is also a search function on the upper right. You can find your favorite music or video through it directly.

YouTube Vanced

When you enter the video detail page, you can see there are options for you to choose from. Click the “Background” button at the bottom of the video. It is my favorite way to listen to music. There is no problem in my experience. You can continue listening when the screen is locked or when you switch to other apps.

YouTube Vanced

In addition, YouTube Vanced also supports the  “Popup” function. It will enable the video to play in a floating window. If you agree that the most important function for listening to YouTube music is background playing, then the most needed function for watching YouTube videos may be the “Popup” feature, because everyone can watch the video while browser FB and reply to messages or any other app.

YouTube can even download any YouTube videos. You can directly download video files and audio files. The video download format is MP4 and supports 1080P at the highest. However, I think this is the best choice for image quality and mobile phone capacity; for audio files, There are two formats provided, ma4 and mp3. The more commonly used m4a download quality only provides 128 kbps.

Creating playlists, the most important function for listening to music is also available, and you can categorize your playlist. You can tap on the “Add To” button to add video to your playlist.

Final Words

Since YouTube Vanced has met all I need, there is no weakness in this app from my perspective. I would say YouTube Vanced is the best app for listening to music and watching videos. If you disagreed with me, try it and you will see.

You can click here to download YouTube Vanced APK via its official website.