10 Expenses An International Student Has To Bear When Traveling Abroad


Planning to move abroad for higher studies! I know it’s not an easy journey to complete. Changing your residence leaving your family, friends and all the luxuries of home is definitely a challenge. Yet it is exciting because you are about to explore a completely new world, new people and a different environment. 

Traveling for higher studies is itself very expensive especially if you are not offered a scholarship. To list the number of expenses attached to your package:

  • Visa processing fees:

The first thing, after your acceptance from an educational institute, is to apply for a visa which differs from country to country. This is the first milestone to achieve for which you may spend heavy or light depending on the visa fee of the respective country. 

  • Overhead charges for international students:

Besides the tuition and accommodation fee, there are some overhead charges that you may be charged like student programming for support and government registration. These are the overhead charges that a student can not avoid for legal reasons. 

  • Currency’s conversion rates:

The international currency exchange rate varies according to what currency you are paying.  . If the currency of your home country is weaker than where you are studying will surely be heavy on the budget. Not only this the bank applies some extra charges too which adds up to the real cost.  

  • Wire transfers:

If you have to move money from one country to another to pay your fees or other expenses then the bank or money transfer services will keep their margin increasing the cost of expense. 

  • Health Insurance:
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This is a completely unavoidable aspect for international students since health care is very expensive for foreigners yet gravely important. You must make sure that you go for the best international student health insurance to keep yourself protected and fit. Make your research intense to make the best selection because health is wealth.

  • Traveling back home:

Being all by yourself triggers cravings to meet family and friends. Therefore, when you just want to fly back home to enjoy and relax with your loved ones you often end up paying a little extra. This adds majorly to your bills because you might not be lucky all the time to buy reasonable tickets. 

  • Furnishings supplies for the room:

Every student must keep their things clean and personal when living and sharing rooms with other fellows. This includes bedding, toiletries, and other important supplies. 

  • Paying extra for a room in winters:

If you are not visiting your family in short breaks of winter for example then you might have to extra for your accommodation and dining. 

  • Work permit fees:

There are students who try to make some extra money to support their expenses. For that purpose, you need a work permit for which you have to pay to get registered and authorized by the responsible department. 

  • Wardrobe revamping cost:

Every student needs to revamp their wardrobe to fit climate change. If someone is coming from a warmer climate definitely needs warm clothing for their winters to be cozy and warm.