10 tips for picking the right influencer for your business

right influencer

There are many ways that picking the right influencer for your business can boost your brand, increase conversions and positively affect your bottom line.  However, it’s absolutely necessary to pick the right influencer for your business to ensure that this method of digital marketing is a success for your business.

Many businesses online are working successfully with social media influencers and it has become a popular and effective form of digital marketing.  Collaborating with the right social media influencer for your business will open up many opportunities for your business to grow. One of the main reasons why influencer marketing is so popular is because it’s a very subtle way of getting your product or business in front of online users.  This is not a pushy sales drive; however, it does have a massive impact.

To really understand all the benefits of influencer marketing and how to pick the right influencer for your business it’s a great idea to complete a digital marketing course so that you’re up to date with the latest influencer trends.

Why have social influencers become so trendy?

Almost everyone is online these days, so it makes good marketing sense for a business to partner with a social media personality that has a massive social media following.  An online audience has shown that they like to follow celebrities or other people who are popular within that industry. Social media influencers could be bloggers, Instagrammers or YouTubers.  Influencers have an impressive following on their social media, which benefits the brand who chooses to partner with them.

Influencers have a voice on social media and their posts, shares, likes, and comments are taken seriously by their followers, therefore collaborating with a social influencer is a great way to boost your brand.

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Picking the right influencer for your business will dramatically promote a brand and the best news is this form of digital marketing has become one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise online.

How to choose the right influencer that suits your business

When you choose the right influencer that suits your business it’s vital to keep in mind that they are niched micro-influencers who are able to bring maximum return on your investment, such as increased brand awareness, a higher conversion rate and a boost in website traffic.

Choosing the right influencer that suits your business isn’t only a matter of liking a particular social influencer’s style or technique, it’s vitally important that you choose an influencer that has measurable persuasion over their audience and fits in well with your industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the right influencer that suits your business.

  • Research your influencer – How often does an influencer post should be one of your first questions when considering choosing an influencer.  It’s important to complete thorough research on an influencer that you may have in mind.
  • Their follower interaction – Also make sure you take stock of how the influencer’s followers interact with the content they post.  An influencer with a low rate of interaction on their posts is not a good choice.
  • Compile a detailed brief – Compile a detailed brief on exactly how you want your social influencer to work with your brand.  Include details about the concept behind your specific social media campaign.
  • Are they an expert – Your influencer must understand your industry and they need to be an expert in their field otherwise you will fail to reach your target audience.
  • Plan ahead – To make sure that your social influencer is not overwhelmed with your requirements, it’s important to plan ahead.  Take time to understand the amount of work that they need to put into a social media post, consider their time restraints as well as your own.
  • Trustworthiness – Is the influencer a trustworthy source for their followers?  This is an important point to consider when picking the right influencer for your business.  You should also be able to trust that you’ll get what you pay for from your influencer.
  • Monitor their followers – After you’ve followed a few choices for your influencer partner it’s key to monitor their follower’s interaction.  Take the time to learn their follower’s behaviour and how they engage with the influencer’s posts.
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