15 Fun and Romantic Things to do on Anniversary 

15 Fun and Romantic Things to do on Anniversary 

When you are in love, it feels like it was yesterday that you got married. Time flies quickly, and it’s your anniversary again. Finally, the day is here again where you will promise each other another 12 months of being together and going to the restaurant to celebrate it. Isn’t it? This is your plan for this year’s anniversary too? How about a change in the plan? You must be bored with going to restaurants for celebrations or calling people home for a party? 

This year do something new and interesting on your anniversary day because we have ideas for you. Here is the list of fun and romantic things you can do on your anniversary.

  1. Have a Cook-Off At Home: Since we all are caught up at a home, everyone has learned to cook something. Some are in the process of becoming the master chef. Have a cook-off at home. You and your partner will make something for each other. Whoever’s dish comes out to be the best, doesn’t have to be the dishes. 
  2. Give Each Other Handmade Gifts: This year, say “No” to pricey and materialistic items. Give each other handmade tokens for those cherishable moments. Handcraft a gift for each other. 
  3. Singer-On-Call: Give your partner a musical surprise! Avail singer-on-call service. You can request an anniversary or love song. The singer will arrange a video call with you and your partner. He will sing the requested song for you. With this gift, strike the right chords of his or her heart. 
  4. Attend Mixology Classes: Learn the art of whip cocktails. And for your next party, you can impress your guests with this new skill set. Either you both can attend online mixology class or offline, whichever is convenient for you. 
  5. Celebrate at Rooftop Bar: Ditch the restaurant and head to the rooftop bar to celebrate love with a spectacular view. What could be more romantic than this? 
  6. Spend the evening reminiscing: Flip through the wedding album, watch your wedding videos, read the greeting card and letters you gave to each other. Reminisce where it started and how far you have come. Share an emotional and passionate moment. 
  7. Romantic Staycation: Reserve a room in a hotel in the town or some other palace. Go there for a staycation. Don’t forget the bubble bath, champagne, and ofcourse a cake! Make a cake delivery in Pune or wherever is your hotel. You can also request the hotel staff to make special anniversary arrangements for you. 
  8. Weekend getaway: Head outdoors for a weekend vacation. If you two are adventurous, go to the mountains and indulge in hiking or mountain climbing. If the beach is more your thing, spend the day at a beautiful beach. You can keep it small, or you can make it special by sailing Whitsundays. Sailing around The Whitsunday Islands on your own personal boat you can find secluded beaches to swim, have dinner, and watch the sunset together.
  9. Keep It Simple: Who said anniversary celebrations can’t be low-key? Try it out, and you and your partner will love it. Keep it simple, spend the day with each other, watch Netflix at home, eat pizza in bed, and cuddle all day. 
  10. Stay In: Do not head out, rather stay in. Order food and wine. Share good and meaningful conversations. 
  11. Relax at Spa Together: Take a couple spa sessions. Relax and unwind yourself for the day. If you feel like, take a manicure and pedicure session as well. 
  12. Roadtrip: Road journeys are exhilarating. Drive into wilderness with each other or go for a romantic long drive in the evening. Stop at an ice-cream parlour to have an ice-cream. 
  13. Live Music: Attend a concert if it is happening in your city or go to a place where there is a live band performing. Lose yourself in the music and in each other.
  14. Hit up a comedy club: Book tickets for a stand-up comedy. Couples who laugh together, stay together. Remember! 
  15. Do what each other likes: Pick an activity that your partner likes and do it. Then, your partner can do something with you that you like. Plant trees, paint, photography, etc. 

This year, promise to do something exciting and romantic on your anniversary. It’s a special day, make it look like one! Do not forget to have fun whatever you do.