3 Construction Tech Trends To Watch For In 2022 And Beyond

Original construction technology allows the biggest improvements in the field of productivity, efficiency, and safety of the workers as well as the project. With a long history of innovative construction, technology has received the best advances in the different types of building projects. 

For instance, the construction and development of caissons and cofferdams have opened the gateway for the sturdiest and bigger underwater structures. 

At the same time, tower crane technology has advanced the construction system further, and through that building, skyscrapers have become easy. 

After the advancements in the field of construction technology, the year followed a draught in the guise of the pandemic. The construction industry struggled a lot during this time, as they were unable to open jobs and pay their workers. 

However, the industry has reopened recently, and now they are focusing on some innovations. 2022 will see the advancement and the work invention will go on in the future years as well. 

Here, in this article let’s look at the top three construction tech trends that are popular in 2022 and will have better advantages in the future. 

1. Augmented reality

AR or augmented reality is a type of information that changes the way we see the world. It advances with the mobile devices that have AR technologies. Construction managers and workers can have a perception of the job site or they can directly check the place and its possibilities. 

They can point out things on their tablet or on their laptops, which will show the complete building plan even before they start the design. Having an overview of the Jobsite will make things ten times easier when they will start to build the project. 

The workers no longer have to run around with piles of documents and blueprints, as they will get that on their mobile devices. Check out some other uses of AR, 

  • Automated measurements: AR will help in the measurements of physical things in real-time. This way construction workers can make a sound building plan. 
  • Get safety information: Augmented reality is very useful when it comes to safety notifications. It will recognize the environmental hazards and will send real-time alerts to the workers on site. 
  • Visualize modifications: Workers and managers can check the modifications on the project on their tablets. 

While AR technology is now available on tablets and smartphones, in the future it will be on AR glasses. This way the worker won’t have to engage their hands to hold the devices, and they will be able to control the working technique easily. 

2. Construction Wearables

There are numerous benefits of construction wearables, and the advancements are increasing rapidly. The smart wearables ensure the safety of the workers and protect them from job site dangers. Accidents happen in the construction sites like collisions, and falls are the regular occurrences in project areas. 

Wearable technology has ensured that there will be no more casualties, and the workers will be able to work safely. To ensure extra safety traffic cones are installed on the job sites, so the workers do not go beyond the boundaries. 

Here, checkout some wearables used on the constructions sites these days, 

  • Smart boots: these boots are useful for walking on construction sites only. Smart boots are capable of detecting workers facing risks of falling or collisions. The sensors attached to the boots can identify the risk factors. 
  • Power gloves: when the workers wear them, it will provide better strength and dexterity to their hands, and it saves them from injuries as well. 
  • Smart hat: It senses the microsleeps, thus it saves workers from accidents. It catches brainwaves to prevent any kind of worksite injuries. 

Other construction wearables such as goggles, monitors, and smartwatches, improve the safety of workers, trace contact and check for fatigue in the labor. 

3. Construction Robots

Although construction robots are far away from fully taking over construction technologies, it is used in some sectors. In the future, this will help with social distancing and so on. There are three types of robotic technology still used in the construction platforms and the ones stored for the future: 

  • Factory robots: factory robots can do simple tasks like manufacturing work and single jobs. 
  • Fully autonomous robots: you must have seen read about these robots in science fiction. Fully autonomous ones can perform complex tasks and can scan the environment. 
  • Collaborative robots: Collaborative robots can be utilized on construction sites for carrying heavy equipment and tools. We already have partially working robots, such as drones. 


Drones, automated vehicles at construction sites, and AR devices, these are proof of technological advancements in the construction field. In the future, it is expected to have better working facilities with fully automated robots.