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7 Strong Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

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We have recently published an analysis of the power of the photo. Yet the future has already arrived. It was a year of full video innovation for advertisers. 63% of businesses have started selling video content. For that 82%, video marketing is an integral aspect of their strategy. The film advances rapidly and hits new heights faster than we think. 83 percent of businesses claim that video marketing gives them a strong ROI.

Video marketing is definitely one of the newest addition to the advertising toolbox. Perhaps you still have your suspicions. Is it worth considering using videos to promote your company? Do you have ample resources in your marketing to develop and use video content?

The response is straightforward: yes, it’s worth it. Not only is video one of the most flexible and efficient digital marketing resources out there, but it is also because everybody does. Below are 8 reasons why video marketing should be used right now.

1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

First things first. Videos will make some real money for you. Through adding a product video to your landing page, sales will increase through 80%. And the Treepodia team has ensured the video performs well, regardless of the category the you use it.

Video can also contribute to sales directly. Statistics show that 74 % of people who saw an overview video about a product purchased it afterwards. So start making your exciting product videos better now!

When you think about it, video quality is not shocking. Vision is our most powerful language, after all. Much of the information is visible to our minds. So, if pictures can massively boost your involvement, imagine what moving images can do for your company.

2. Video Shows Great ROI

To get you even more excited, 83 percent of businesses say video offers strong investment returns. However if video production is not the simplest or cheapest job yet, video production pays off. In addition , online video editing applications are increasingly being developed and accessible. And even your smartphone can already render very good photos.

The good thing is that you don’t have to polish your videos. The content is significant! Recent research shows that most consumers are turned off by videos that do not adequately clearly describe the product or service. Low quality and poor design were hardly as significant. So it’s fair to say that video is like pizza – it’s always pretty good when it’s bad!

3. Video Builds Trust

Confidence is the foundation for conversions and sales. But building trust should be a target alone. The whole philosophy of content marketing is focused on trust and long-term relationships. Stop selling and let people come to you with useful and interesting knowledge. I couldn’t have said it better than Mark Schaefer, Schaefer Executive Director:

The new age demands a focus on ignition rather than material, confidence, not just traffic, and the elite who distribute and encourage your material in your market.

Video does it all. Video does it all. The video material will probably involve us and trigger emotions. And when we speak to the leaders in the crowd, YouTubers have become the brand’s biggest social media leader. And, if you take content marketing seriously, you do need to be serious about video.

Promotional videos can also promote trust. Some customers are also cautious about the purchasing online of goods and services for fear of fraud and trickery. Nevertheless, powerful marketing videos converse the goods. This provides an individual sense of approach, which is why 57% of customers claim that videos gave them more confidence in online shopping.

4. Google Loves Videos

Videos allow you to increase the time spent by visitors on your site. Therefore, longer visibility builds trust and shows that your site has good content. Moovly gives us whopping statistics: You’re 53 times more likely show up first on Google if you have a video embedded on your website. Since Google now owns YouTube, the number of videos impacting your search engine has risen considerably.

Make sure your SEO videos are optimized on Youtube. Write informative explanations and names. Please add a link to your blog, goods and services. Bring prospective customers the next move. Discover and inspire action in the world of interactive videos.

5. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

Phone and video go hand in hand. 90 percent of customers stream smartphone videos. Mobile video views rose more than 233 percent in the third quarter of 2013. YouTube estimates that the output of mobile video is up 100% annually. As people want to watch videos on the go and mobile users are growing, your audience continues to expand.

Google informs us that mobile users are twice as likely as TV viewers and 1.4 times as laptop viewers to believe that they are linked to brands showing video content or advertisements on their smartphones.

The proliferation of mobile videos means that marketers will be receptive to personal experience on their smartphones. Give them, for example, a better choice in their video content.

6. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Will you have a new product or service on the market? Create a video that shows how it works. 98% of consumers say they have used an informative video to find out more about a product or service. This is why 45 percent of organizations that use video marketing have an introductory video on their homepage. For those companies, 83% said their video homepage is successful.

Trying to describe a complex concept? Create animated videos. Animation can lead to ideas that no text or live video can bring to life. Therefore, dull speaking heads are no longer enough to clear the clutter. Animated videos blend fun, nostalgia and simplicity well. And they work. And they work.

Make sure you use a process that will get you results. Use these 20 pre-production steps to make your video content stand out from the rest. Check out the essential tips and examples of best practices on how to make a product demo video.

7. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

Video is a wonderful learning resource, but it is also incredibly easy to consume. Today ‘s life is too chaotic to have time to read or dig deeply into lengthy product reviews. The modern consumer needs the product to work. User habits are one of the key drivers of user use in the content marketing.

Video marketing can reach and work on several levels a wide audience. Perhaps the most lazy. Make sure that you not only target the eyes but the future customer’s ears. You benefit double strength from your strategic advantage!

Bonus Tip 1: Video Ads Work Wonders

Hear this: the average video ad click rate is 1.84%. This is the highest CTR in any digital ad format! And the completion rate of a 15-second non-skipable YouTube video ad is 92 percent. The rating for skippable video advertising is 9%.

Video advertising on social media sites are also highly successful. Facebook, a Nielsen club, estimated the importance of video advertising on its website. They found that in the first 10 seconds of the video 74 percent of the total ad call can be accomplished. Fight banner blindness instead of having video advertisements.

Bonus Tip 2: Video Is Rocking Email Campaigns

Make sure you integrate videos into your email marketing campaigns when you already make them. An initial email containing a video earns an increase of 96% in the click rate! It is a perfect way to get out of competition and express your message.


Video advertisements are increasingly affordable and widespread. Video use is growing partly because technical advancements are being made, but also because it is easy to share across the world. Marketing videos for your business require human psychology and imagination. The cocktail of these elements allows real advertising wonders to be produced at a minimal cost.

Creative video ads can be distributed on the Internet in a matter of days and millions of views emotionally charged. And this is all about video marketing: survive the only innovative!

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