8 Benefit and Advantages of Companies Using IT Staffing Agency

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There are many benefits to using a staffing agency for sourcing talent. Many successful businesses rely on staffing agencies for their hiring needs.

The staffing industry hires nearly three million workers daily. As a result, organizations trust IT staffing agencies for speed and quality.

Furthermore, the hiring process can be very frustrating for hiring managers to source and find the ideal fit. While handling their daily responsibilities, hiring managers must also take care of reviewing resumes and spend time interviewing multiple candidates.

In most cases, many hiring managers do not calculate the loss of productivity in their department while taking on the role of HR.

Even the HR department might be spending countless hours screening resumes. Their recruiters may not necessarily be qualified to review.

Therefore, working with an IT staffing agency can greatly reduce the time and resources it takes in finding specific candidates for specialized positions.

Hiring a new employee is very time consuming and costly. Therefore, a specialize recruitment firm has the necessary skill sets to identify the ideal candidates and save companies money.

Here is a complete list of benefits for using an IT staffing agency.

  1. Expertise

IT staffing agencies have recruiters that specialize in the IT field. In addition, they are recruiting for IT roles day in and day out.

As a result, they develop extraordinary recruitment skills in the IT field. Most internal HR departments will not have the opportunity to develop these specialized skills because they are recruiting for various departments.

In addition, IT staffing firms have experience working with large companies. In fact, many of them have worked in some of the companies themselves and know exactly what type of candidates to search for.

Furthermore, the expertise of a staffing agencies provides specific candidates that will save hiring managers a great deal of time and resources. Expertise is one of the great benefits of using an it staffing agencies

  1. Cost

Staffing agencies handle the employment process and costs associated with hiring a candidate. These costs can include developing the job description, marketing the position, sourcing candidates, screening resumes, reemployment checks, conducting interviews, employment fees, taxes, insurance, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, payroll management and benefit allocation.

In fact, these are just a few of the liabilities a company is responsible for when hiring a candidate. An IT staffing agency will take care of these expenses and more.

By leveraging an IT staffing firm, companies can save on all these costs and find quality candidates quickly.

Finally, small to midsize businesses can fully rely on an IT staffing agency to handle all their employment and payroll services. As a result, companies pay one bill rate that takes care of all the costs associated with hiring and payroll of an employee.

  1. Prescreened Candidates

The job of an IT staffing firm is to constantly interview candidates. Therefore, they have multiple prescreened candidates that are ready to start as soon as possible.

When organizations need quality candidates fast, IT staffing companies already have screened candidates that are ready in short notice.

  1. Qualified Candidates

IT staffing companies ensure that the candidates are qualified to do the work companies are hiring for.  In addition, the IT staffing agencies take time to understand the position requirements and ensures they screen for the ideal candidate.

When companies have specific needs in an IT position, the IT staffing agency does its part to make sure the candidate is fully qualified to perform the work.

  1. Time

Hiring managers are busy with daily tasks and operations. Consequently, the hiring process can take up valuable time and distract from daily operations.

A specialized IT staffing agency can take care of the hiring process and provide exceptional candidates in a short amount of time.

As a result, hiring managers spend very little time interviewing final candidates and moving forward with filling necessary positions.

In summary, the IT staffing agency screens hundreds of candidates and interviews a selected few as ideal fits. Afterwards, they submit only a few candidates that they are sure will be a very strong fit.

By doing so, the hiring manager can rely on a specialized IT staffing agency to find candidates that are the exact match for their hiring needs.

  1. Specialized IT Recruiters

From the service desk to specific software engineers, IT staffing firms have recruiters who are well versed and experienced in the IT field.

By working with an IT staffing company, organizations can rely on it recruiter that have the necessary skillsets to interview and find the right candidates.

In summary, IT recruiters screen and interview IT candidates every day. Therefore, they develop vast amount of experience in finding exceptional candidates.

  1. Minimize Risk and Liability

Many organizations take the temp-to-hire approach when looking for long-term employees. To clarify, companies will hire an employee through a staffing agency for a given period. Afterwards, they will hire the candidate full time.

By doing so, they minimize the risk of a bad hire and the liability of having to terminate the employee. 

  1. Ensure Good Hires

Working through an IT staffing agency, companies can evaluate employees prior to hiring them fulltime.  As a result, companies can train and develop the employee and see how well the candidate adapts. 

Afterwards, they can hire the candidate and ensure a good fit for the company. Working with an IT staffing firm ensures the right fit supports retention.

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