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8 Digital Marketing Tactics to Try in 2021


The ongoing global pandemic has had a significant impact on the vast majority of businesses. The safety measures and precautions meant to curb the spread of the viral outbreak like quarantine procedures and social distancing has forced many companies not only to move their offerings online and encourage working remotely amongst their respective employees for the coming years. But to figure out ways to reach the intended audiences despite the current circumstances. And one of the most effective ways of doing so in the new normal of today is through marketing digitally with the help of a capable Cleveland Digital Marketing Agency. 

However, the question is which digital marketing tactics in 2021 should businesses use to retain and engage existing clients and elevate leads, traffic, and profit. In this article, we’ll explore eight effective strategies that savvy entrepreneurs should invest in apart from a reputable digital marketing agency that’ll give them the best value for their money. Continue to read to learn more.

  1. The social media platform

No matter the company’s size or its area of expertise, all organizations must prepare to commit time and financial resources to social media. After all, the various channels within this platform don’t just present businesses with the opportunity to expand their reach and connect with a large consumer base. But it can also help in consumer retention, especially during the trying times of this pandemic. And this shift in consumer approach creates much better opportunities for companies to attract new prospective customers while re-engaging with their current clients. 

  1. SEO or search engine optimization

SEO has become one of the most widely used digital marketing tools in the business landscape of today. With the increasing dependence of consumers on search engines, a business can drive more traffic to its site and other relevant web pages by elevating through this process. And, as a result, increase its conversion rates in turn. From achieving a better user experience and sourcing higher leads to improved cost management and higher rates of conversion, having search engine optimization as a part of a business’ marketing model can go a long way in aiding in its success. 

  1. PPC or pay-per-click advertising 

Another method that is growing in popularity amongst many businesses is pay-per-click advertising. After all, not only are the results that it produces easier to monitor and measure, but it also offers a much quicker entry when compared with other marketing strategies. And because a business only needs to pay whenever users reach the intended website, it’s a cost-effective solution that can have a positive impact on the brand. Best of all, it can deliver fast results. And this can make all the difference, especially for companies that need to generate fast sales to sustain their daily operations.

  1. Updated search engine listings 

One of the most important digital marketing tactics that a company can use to maintain its relevance in the industry is staying current and updating its online listings, especially for small businesses that primarily rely on consumers within the local level. By leveraging search engine listings to provide precise information on a business – from its working hours and location to the services that it offers – it’ll help the company reel in more customers and increase its overall sales.

  1. Mobile optimization through experts like Cleveland Marketing Agency

Mobile usage has increased exponentially in recent years. In fact, over fifty percent of online traffic globally comes from mobile device users. And because of this, more and more companies are investing in making their respective websites as easy to run and navigate on smartphones and tablets as they are on traditional desktops and laptops. By enhancing the user experience on mobile, businesses will not only elevate their SEO rankings and maintain engagement with potential customers. But it’s likely to attract more traffic too.

  1. Email marketing 

Despite being one of the oldest digital marketing strategies, email marketing continues to work as well today as it ever did in the past. It allows a business to stay in touch with both prospective and current customers alike consistently. Whether promoting new deals for products and services or a simple acknowledgement for subscribing, this approach is effective in treating the target audience that they are valued by the company through personalized content. And what consumer doesn’t want to be valued?

  1. Creating content 

It isn’t hard to see why more and more businesses are investing in content creation, from blogs to video production. Standard sales pitches rarely work in this day and age, after all. And through this digital marketing approach, a business can humanize its advertising efforts and prioritize what their target audience values. And, in turn, create content that will improve their chances of reeling in customers into their fold. And generate much higher revenue than they would have otherwise.

  1. Multichannel marketing

Marketing through a single digital channel isn’t enough for a business to generate exposure, especially for companies within highly-competitive sectors. It is for this reason that an organization needs to advertise on all fronts. With the use of a multichannel marketing strategy, a business has a better chance of reaching more leads and staying ahead of the curve. And the more leads a company has, the greater the chances it has of turning users into loyal customers, leading to increased sales and better profit margins.


The list of digital marketing tactics mentioned above is by no means a complete list. However, it’s an excellent place for a business to start its marketing strategies for 2021. And through their correct utilization, a company can improve their chances of enhancing their visibility over the World Wide Web and reaching out to their target market. However, it’s important to keep in mind that professional assistance from a digital marketing agency isn’t just a luxury but a necessity to get excellent results. After all, if a business with no experience in digital marketing shoulders the responsibility, there’s a good chance that its efforts will go to waste, if not have a negative impact on the business’ brand.